The Irregulars Savage Rifts


Typical night at Embrace…well typical for when ThorFrid is back in town…

“…Yeah, we had skipped the Zombie mission as we got waylaid by R.E.D. That is starting to become my least favorite color…next to YOU KNOW WHAT!, anyway…” Almost everyone in the bar double checks to make sure they have very prominent Sky Blue clothing on. Two patrons quickly leave as they realize they forgot to where any Sky Blue.

“…So yeah, once we dealt with the Evil R.E.D. Army, we were secretly notified…oh wait, that was a secret…EVERYONE FORGET I SAID SECRET Anyway, R.E.D. was dealt with and the Zombie thing was WAY worse. So us brave Fenrir take off to combat the horde. We did come across a R.E.D. deserter SAMAS. He was easy to take down. Yes I said it was easy to take down a SAMAS, it was my second one so far…what is everyone so afraid of anyway…He was thoroughly interrogated (I wanted to kick him in his tiny little package, I think all R.E.D. have tiny little packages) and lot’s was learned about the Zombies. Hey Barkeep! Do ya got anything drinks called Zombie!? Yeah? Tons of those and keep them coming. So anyway Slow poke Long neck had to get some specimens for to test the blood cure from the mystery hand we found in the trap door. It was attached to an arm and presumably a creature, never did see all of it. I tell you one thing, it won’t mess with us again, I think I dislocated it’s elbow in the struggle.” Chugs the Zombie drink brought over by the waitress, checks out her ass as she heads back.

“So yeah we bagged a couple Zombies…” chugs Zombie drink “…Captain Slow [Top Gear reference, look it up] took blood, refined the cure and we did it, cured two Zombies!” Chugs another Zombie drink.

“So we had the cure and a way to spread it…Oh yeah, Cap Slow was able to aerosolize it…BUT we had to get ALL the zombies in one area…I quickly checked the map database and found what used to be a FooseBall field, my Battle sense told me that would be the best spot to get ALL the Zombies…” chugs Zombie drink “…in one single place. They were attracted to sound, so we used the K-Dawg to lure them all to the field and sprayed for bugs…I mean Zombies!” chugs Zombie drink “Once we got most of the town sprayed, we hunted down the rest of the Zombies…” chugs Zombie drink “…and cured the whole town. We’re ready to take on ANYONE! Who wants to take me on!” Two adventurous fellows in the back go to stand up, their buddies stop them short, something like “don’t even think about it n00b” was overheard.

“Zombies, AY!” chugs Zombie drink, gives waitress [She is a very pale alabaster skinned, white/platinum haired, frail/skinny looking woman] a sultry look “Sup, Zombie girl?” Waitress giggles, walks away, looking back a few times.

Later that night the waitress could be heard screaming from her room at Embrace “OH MY GOD! EAT MY BRAINS OUT! EAT MY BRAINS OUT! AAAHHH!”




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