The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 82: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Refuge Township,

Time of Year: “May 1st”

Fifth month of the Calendar cycle for this world. Rex finally got me an updated copy and Velma does not seem happy that each month has scantily clad women of various races on it. She never actually said anything, just glared at Rex and then walked off.

Something tells me I may need to focus on mind reading if I am going to survive dating. I have dismantled the calendar in my room and pinned up the remaining seven months of the year. Since the pictures of the girls are on the other side of the pages with the months the issue of the girls should be moot. The months that have already passed I have thrown in the trash for recycling. Carl, our house’s caretaker, is rather impressive in running the day to day of the house. I’ve never had access to a butler and I always feel like I’m mistreating him somehow.

I have started using my Tattoo of Time Sight to go to areas I know Carl has cleaned and rewind the room to see how he cleans things. I will be making a point to try and keep my room the way I see him clean it. Knowing what it’s like to work for others I’ll do my part to lessen that burden on him.

We were making our preparations to leave for Shreeveport because ThorFrid is having visions of Thor talking to her. To be fair she is crazy and this seems like just another way to voice her ideas and desires in a way that meshes with her chosen mythology/paradigm. I remember being on Center for an assignment when a redheaded Thor came into the bar, got pissed drunk and wrecked the place because was venting steam having lost some bet with his brother. The adventure that night was staying out of the drunk powerhouse’s way. When I think about it ThorFrid and Thor have a lot in common. But interdimensional coupled with interstellar communication really doesn’t seem to one of those common things. Oh she’s developed a southern belle accent according to Rex and Turag. She really sounds different!

I have been quiet and distant for a bit trying to process that energy spike I had when I saw Velma outnumbered. In many ways was very reminiscent of how I met her. I did the exact same thing and destroyed anyone trying to harm her. I was trying to acknowledge our present circumstances and called her my girlfriend (it’s the term I have heard on this world to describe a chosen paramour). I don’t think she heard me say it though.

My past is different, on Alexandria we had to steal time away to just deal with the urges that would be unaddressed for months to years. A senior classmate always organized the bacchanals and we would escape and show up. I never really developed any close bonds with those I had pairings with to prevent our teachers from using them in the psychic scenarios we might face.

Velma, to her credit, wouldn’t leave my side and while she never talked about it she just helped where she could. I have been grappling with a fear of having any out burst around my group of chosen misfits. Would I make one of them vanish if they made me angry? I didn’t have enough certainty about the outcome so I made sure I stayed as relaxed but shut off as I thought I could get away with. It’s never fun being a ticking time bomb since I don’t know why these spikes of power keep happening.

More later we’re about to land in Shreeveport soon, and I have to take this off auto pilot to find a spot.




Journal 82: Dr. Valdus Aria

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