The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag to the Rescue

The Chase is On!


Personal Notes By Turag

So, I had let the group, my wonderful Fenrir teammates, go on ahead so that I could help my hero, the Great Silas, TechnoWizard extraordinaire, repair the yellow ley-line submarine. It was the only way to get home from this place deep in the center of the Earth!

First I helped him expertly remove the damaged engine, and we did a phenomenal job! We recovered many working parts, and rebuilding it took far less time than expected. We then repaired the unique compass, again a resounding success!

I then asked about the unique crystal key, which he stated was a bypass that was blocking some of the ship’s functionality! So after removing this locking mechanism a three dimensional map of ley lines running through the center of the globe appears as a display! It was an absolute marvel, and I took some time to record it, if only in two dimensions on paper. At this point Silas declared that the only remaining step was to acquire the crystal power source that my friends were sent to find.

I had Silas tell me exactly what he had told them, he handed me a core lodestone tracker to find the lodestone crystal, and the chase was on! Luckily I had the benefit of many ley lines to speed along my wing board, Lennata! Off I sped, using power gradients to boost my speed along the ley lines! Weeeee! What a rush! It took me a mere 2 hours to get to the city of Imit Veruno, where my friends had traveled!

Silas had told me of the denizens of this area, that they were Saurians, intelligent dinosaurs that had survived the extinction event down here. I had made a translator so that I could hear and understand their speech.

One of them made a comment about Lennata, my wingboard, saying that it was the tiniest lodestone lift ever seen. Some commented that I was the smallest brontosoid they had seen in years, and some were cheering me on- I do not know why, but I did thank them- only polite.

I listened for clues to where my friends were, and as I passed through the city I heard about a major contest that outsider Avalonians have joined at the arena dome in the harbor. That had to be them.

As I raced onward I saw some medieval carts along with floating vehicles, and noticed that it was uncommon to see modern weaponry.

Using the last power gradient I sped above the causeway heading towards an opening on the arena’s top where some flying Saurians were entering. Just as I was about to go through the core lodestone tracker pointed towards a boat heading northwest. It seemed that some odd looking humanoids were taking this lodestone. Time to grab the group and go after them!

The chase continues!




Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the great Giorgio Moroder.





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