The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag Reminisces


The picture is of the leader of Stormspire, K’zaa, courtesy of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.



Turag’s Personal Notes

I am missing the place I was born, the place I spent my first 70 years, Stormspire. While I do not regret leaving, for Castle Refuge, and especially my good friends, is full of hope and goodness, Stormspire is so exhilarating! Let me write down my memories of it while they are still fresh, for while I hope to go back and visit my father, it seems that we will be away from that area for quite some time.

There is a huge obsidian tower rising from the center of a ring of industrial buildings, glistening above the ruins of Lexington, Kentucky. This is the Stormspire, home of the leader of the town, K’Zaa. Stormspire is “the Techno-Wizard Capital of the World,” producing over a third of all devices!

It is a beautiful place, full of the greatest Techno Wizards in the world, and their devices are seen everywhere. Power, communication, transit and more all all magically powered, and it is a clean, shining beacon within the dangerous Magic Zone.

All manners of beings are there, human, D-bee, and magic, and most are friendly and welcoming. The one thing that rules all is credits- this is capitalism at its highest level. The latest hit device can make a pauper rich, and the reverse of course is true.

Its flurry of activity is what I miss the most- I hope I get the chance to return soon!


Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the King, Elvis Presley.



Note: Some text liberally lifted from Pinnacle’s great Savage Rifts product, Arcana and Mysticism. Pick it up from




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