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The Chase is On- Again



We will soon be on our way to you in Stormspire- please see if you can find a trustworthy scholar of the Arthurian legends, specifically Morganna, before our arrival. We have our hands on an artifact of that time, which I beat Sister Rebecca to- let me explain.

I had been given a clue from dear little Benna- her mother, supposedly dead (at least that is what her father had told her), sent a letter requestion an item of great power that had been buried in the catacombs below Castle Refuge.

I used my expertise to discover a map in a library, misfiled in a corner, that pre-dated the dwarves arrival at the castle! Sure enough, there was a catacomb entrance through the cliffs under the castle near the river! I rushed our group to the location, and used Lenata, my wing board, to reach the entrance. I cast fly on each of the other members so that they could join us.

The entrance had an old English rune for Merlin indicating that this was the place- the only problem was that Sister Rebecca decided that she should acquire the contents for Apollo! This was unacceptable to me- who knows what the God would do with such power! I decided that we of Castle Refuge should determine its use, for the betterment of all on Rifts Earth! I took off, racing to the end to find what lay within!

Sister Rebecca was very serious in her quest, and early in the race she cast Slumber on myself and ThorFrid, who had chosen to referee the race. To the strain of beautiful chase music from Keegan’s trusty bagpipes I dispelled Rebecca’s spell, and soon retaliated by sending an Entangle beam of grey cables to slow her down.

I retrieved the magic item, a puzzle box of great complexity. Showing my sportsmanship I released Rebecca, who cast a object read spell upon the box. Sure enough, this was a device once held by Benna’s mom, Claire, of great power. Using great skill I solved the puzzle, and within was a cartuche from Arthurian times! It had 3 runes upon it- Merlin, Nimue, and Freedom. Thus my request for anyone with scholarly knowledge of the legends.

I hope that Erin Tarn is still here in Castle Refuge- perhaps her great knowledge can uncover this item’s purpose. I do not trust Benna’s mother, nor do I trust that Rebecca truly has only the good of the Earth in mind- I feel that her devotion to Apollo blinds her.

One thing is sure, we will be retrieving you before we head north for any reason to the meeting with Benna’s mother.



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the incomparable Wiz Khalifa.


The Race




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