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Turag Meets His Hero

The Legendary Silas


Dear Father,

My dreams are becoming reality! I have met the one and only Silas, the greatest Techno-Wizard of all time! He of the Black Flame, creator of countless devices, and perhaps most amazing of all, the man who traveled dimensions to the center of the Earth!

It started with a trip to the location of the pre-apocolypse city of Shreeveport Louisiana, where much had changed. The river that ran through the town had separated the area between jungle on the east and town, or the remnants thereof, on the west. We landed the K-Dog and went in.

What we found was an ambush! However, through our Fenrir group’s skills we quickly gained the upper hand, and took the vehicle which they had gotten the drop on us! It was a fantastic, almost mystical, techno-wizard marvel, a “ley line submarine”, painted bright yellow- A Yellow Submarine! Yes, I remembered the old recording that Silas had sung to you when you were his apprentice, and your story about it- and that vinyl recording he had given you the day he disappeared.

Barely holding back my excitement, I was terribly disappointed to find that somehow I had not bonded with the machine! Instead it was my friend ThorFrid, who claimed that she was talking to the ancient Earth god Thor! She is crazy, but the crystal key that activated the sub only glowed with the image of lightning when she held it.

We arrived at the pre-ordained location, and I will skip to the important part- Silas is here! Yes, he is still obsessive, driven, and single-minded when he is in his creative zone, but you undersold his brilliance! He makes leaps in logic that boggle my mind, yet is not once wrong on analysis! He sees magic energies in a way that I cannot comprehend- not yet. If you get this we succeeded in coming back- and it means I got to study, if only for a moment, or perhaps for years, at the foot of the master! I cannot believe my blessings! The rest of the group is off to solve some mission, something about saving the Earth, but I am choosing to stay here to help Silas get us home and learn more from him!




Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the Beattles.



Love the “Ley Line Submarine”. It has been many years since I watched that film, so it was good to see that little section again.

Good idea to add a video to each entry log. I wonder if you will be able to keep up that very high standard, with such easily interchangeable lyrics to sing along to.

Turag Meets His Hero

Some of the songs might not be ones to sing along to easily, but I will continue with the videos! Thanks for the comment!

Turag Meets His Hero

I look froward to learning more.

Turag Meets His Hero

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