The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag Loves Bagpipes

Keegan Plays Beautifully


Dear Father,

I wish to tell you more about my friend Keegan O’Malley the Rock Dwarf. He is always happy, loving life and all that it brings. He often talks about where he grew up, a place that in the Old World was called Cali-Fornia. He was trained as a cyber knight by the legendary Bob Loblaw! He is a judge, but not cruel like the ones we have seen. This judge continues to value life with each action he takes, and his judgements are fair.

The reason I wish to write about him now in particular is to tell you of the beautiful music he plays on his bagpipes! I had been told by others when he met that he made awful rackets and terrible noises on his pipes, and that he had no skill with them. I have found the complete opposite!

Today he brought his pipes out to play almost a half dozen times, and each time it was illustrious! Grand music echoes from his skillful fingers! The dwarf is a maestro unmatched, and he plays with a verve and joy that must be seen!



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs, usually the subtitle of the log. This one is from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.





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