The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag Has a New Frenemy

Can Someone be Both Friend and Enemy?

Father and Mother-

As you know now, we are here in Stormspire, and I have returned to normal. I just wanted to give you some brief thoughts about one of our 2 new members- Sister Rebecca.

First off, she saved my life, literally. When we are in battle she is a wonder- always coming up with the right spell or psionic to protect or punish, and in battle she has helped us become a better team. There is no one more important to our success, as not only is she powerful, but she is a willing healer, availing anyone’s need above her own, without ever calling attention to it.

However, when we are away from battle I have never had a teammate more diametrically opposed to me. The rest of us follow the judge Keegan’s lead, and fight, explore, and adventure for the Law, and the good of the great leaders of the Tomorrow Legion. Their ideals of all are welcome, and law above chaos, drive myself and the others- except for Sister Rebecca. She seems to follow only one, and that one is the Mad God Apollo! She currently says that he wants to burn down all of Stormspire! I know I have some issues with its money first policies, and that is why I left, but I will never allow her to kill innocents by burning the city down.

I thought you should know this before you interact with her.



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from Post Malone.






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