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Turag Faces Mortality

Growing Old Sucks

Turag Personal Notes-

Growing old is awful! I am literally watching my father deteriorate before my eyes, and it is so painful!

We arrived in Stormspire to pick up both of my parents. Of course we had a battle, and a bar incident- well, a whorehouse incident, but others I am sure will cover that. What is important to me right now is the separate paths my parents are on.

My mother decided to follow her calling, and has become one with the energies of Earth. She is actually becoming younger by doing this! I am following the same path, for I knew I was getting close to the age that Trimadore’s like myself pass away. My mother has become a council member in Stormspire, and is doing positive work to clean up the city! I am so very proud of her. Councilwoman Ligno is making a difference!

My father, Norlig, master of Air and Fire, has lived a long life- at least 20 years past normal life expectancy. I always figured he would follow the same path, becoming one with the magic energies, and would continue living. Unfortunately he feels that is a corruption of the natural order and has rejected that path, and is now paying the price. He is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and is becoming quite forgetful. It is too painful for Mother to endure, and so he has come to Castle Refuge. We have put him up at Rex’ house, and I am sure that Carl will look after him.

It was painful for me to leave him to again save the world with Fenrir, but the needs of the many….



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from Ringo Starr, with a guest vocal from Paul McCartney- yes, new music! Cover of a Lennon song.


Grow Old With Me




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