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Lady Luck Runs Out

Lady Luck Runs Out



We are in a place deep in the center of the Earth! How we got here is a very long story that must be related in person, but obviously if you receive this missive I have returned safely.

I had caught up to the rest of the Fenrir Irregulars flying quickly on my wingboard Lennata, and had relayed to the rest of the group that the lodestone which we required to leave was getting away! (Bear with me, the rest of the background I will tell you next time we meet.) Suddenly someone shot at me with a particle beam! Thank goodness he missed! In fact he missed so badly he took out part of the stadium!

Meanwhile the group was trying to get out from the depths of the stadium, and unbeknownst to meat the time, Keegan was carrying a dragon’s head in my sleeping bag!!! The group had killed a dragon necromancer and Keegan did not want it to come back from the dead.

I went outside to wait for my group to join me as long as I could, circling outside, but when the group with the lodestone had reached the other shore and began hitching a dragon to a balloon I had to go follow!

I jetted off, skimming the top of the lake, but miscalculated- Wham! I slammed into the water, hard, severely damaging Lennata! I was slightly hurt, but felt like crying. Somehow I was able to not drown, and pulled Lennata out of the water. Unfortunately the lodestone carriers had taken off! The good news was my good friends had arrived on a strange vehicle powered by a lodestone and cranks. They were joined by a humanoid of Avalonian descent named Tafra Kefke. Thorfrid, Tafka, and Valdus, and myself and Keegan manned the guns. The chase was on! With straining effort our team cranked on, getting closer to the dragon ship! They shot at us, but Valdus had placed armor on our ship and it bounced off the armor. Keegan fired the gun, aiming at the connection between the dragon and the ship. Miraculously he succeeded, and the dragon flew away!

We caught up to them quickly, and Tafra leapt the distance, extending his freakishly long arms to grab onto the edge of the enemy ship to pull himself up. ThorFrid shot the grapple gun to haul the rest of us closer. I shot an entangle beam, surrounding the enemy with grey cables. ThorFrid tried to intimidate them by biting one of their noses, but Keegan reacted first, and ThorFrid bit on Keegan’s wooden practice sword instead. The Avalonian enemy then did something really strange- his skin melted off his face! This freaked me out, giving me a sudden adrenaline surge! I entangled them again, even stronger this time! Tafra hit the face melting one, and said, “Do I need to wash your face off with soap?” Keegan interrogated them, gently, and we found out that we were not necessarily enemies. “These are the good guys?” I asked in surprise. Keegan negotiated a win-win agreement where we could take only a portion of the lodestone.

Meanwhile Valdus had gone off to the corner, and was losing it due to his past, and I tried to heal him with my healing grenade- it did not work. I was concerned because I had run out of magical power, and whispered to Keegan that I was out. He said he also was out, but “I will always give 100%, no matter what!”

After Valdus recovered himself, he found out more about the Avalonians, who are just skin, and had to get bones to become humanoid- they are really are strange! We finally set off again, and the conversation moved to Millennium Trees. We talked of the one in Canada, one in England, rumors of a corrupted one in China, rumors of a sapling in South America, and giant one was here, miraculously, and it was named Avladrassil.

We made camp for the night, and Valdus talked of losing his brother- he was holding his hand, a bomb went off, and all Valdus was left with was his brother’s hand. I told of Stormspire, its beauty and its love, until I had run into K’Zaa, and he had dismissed me with a backhand, ending my love affair with Stormspire. ThorFrid spoke of her desire to fight Titans. Tafra practiced smoke rings, and Keegan said that he loved us.

The next day we finally got back to our original camp, and saw the great Silas again! Silas cuts out a shard of the lodestone, and gives the rest to one of the Avalonians. puts it into the Yellow Ley Line Submarine

silas said it would take 2 weeks to fix the submarine. Silas declined my assistance, calling me “well skilled”, but suggesting that my friends needed me more. I am so proud I could burst!

Keegan did not trust Silas, for he felt that Silas would leave without us. To prove himself Silas took out the compass and gave it to me, proving he had no interest in leaving us behind! Silas is truly amazing.

Keegan asked Silas about the necromancer dragon head that he was still carrying, and Silas roared back about mounting sentient species as a trophy, and how would Keegan like it if he came across a dwarf head. I beg Keegan to get rid of the head, and Silas incinerates the head, including my sleeping bag which held it! Keegan offers my sleeping bag back as a poncho. Valdus from his corner says, “That’s hot.” So inappropriate….

The conversation returns to our Avalonian friends. Jeff, the lead Avalonian, tells that he has borrowed bones to house his skin, but most Avalonians have crafted bones of wood, metal, and other materials.

We finally get to the tree, Avladrassil, and settle in. Under the tree ThorFrid gets a vision of Clark Kent flying over Earth. Keegan gets a vision of a moon contact center in tunnels in his hometown. I was meditating on the purpose of the earth and its connection to me. I felt that the path that I am on is linking myself and my friends to an ancient evil. I ask the Tree if there was a way to defeat the evil, and see dark pools under the earth with a very large floating brain. I realize that this is an overbrain that controls a colony of mind flayers. They are adept at illusions and manipulation. They eat brains of sentient creatures and take their memories, skills, and more. It seems that this overbrain was located near the where we had been in Shreveport before coming to the center of the Earth. It may be that RED, or more specifically Jonah Shrike, is controlled by these entities.

The next day Valdus wakes up wrapped in a leaf- the mystic tells him that he has received a leaf of healing, a truly remarkable gift! We are truly blessed!

I hope to see you soon!


Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the incomparable Marlon Brando.





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