The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag Bravely Runs Away

Bravely Ran Away Away



Sometimes a hasty retreat is the best solution! We did this at the Colorado Barony town of Castle Rock- really a bustling city.

We had left you in Stormspire, and continued down the line to Castle Rock, where we were to pick up a new train heading to Keegan’s home town of Alpine in the pre-Rifts state of California.

We had foiled a plot to provide dragon’s blood to people to become dragon juicers and start a war in the Colorado Baronies. Of course, this was a good thing, but it definitely had some unforeseen consequences. We were on the train and ThorFrid decided to follow someone on to the top of the train to train surf- obviously not a good idea. I was still busy working on Keegan’s sword, but was later told that she had fallen, but had very luckily saved herself by stabbing the side of the train with a vibro knife, and Keegan heroically rappelled out to haul her back in just as the knife let loose! The “human” changed into a dragon and flew away!

When we got to Castle Rock who would run into us but that same dragon! He was using the same disguise, and was angry that ThorFrid had lived. He said that his master, the Moon King, wanted to talk with us, as he was angry that we had foiled his dragon blood plans! Now a few things were very troubling- first, that this Moon King was powerful enough to have a dragon as a lackey! Secondly that a dragon was fine with others getting dragon blood!

Rex had a contact in the city, of course, since he is the master at communication and contacts. The contact advised that we leave the city, and while many of us wanted to do some shopping in the infamous bazaar, we went into the K-Dog and laid low until we left for our next leg of the trip. The only thing I did acquire was an amazing book, The Lost CosmoKnights: Fallen Heroes or Mysterious Strangers. It details 16 CosmoKnights that have stepped away from the order- some help others, some are working at different ends from the order. What stood out was that Clark Kent was not in book! It sems that he has been edited out of book. This will mean some new research for me!

I cannot believe we got ThorFrid to agree to this action, but somehow she agreed. The trip to Alpine was uneventful, and I will let others tell the story of what happened there, but I for one will be happy to be back in Castle Refuge!


Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the one and only Monty Python troupe


Sir Robin




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