The Irregulars Savage Rifts

The Baron-King of Refuge

Mr. Broker:

I have found a new source of power and connections. Well, it’s new to my practice, if not to the RIFTs worlds at large. As you are most assuredly aware, I have taken to helping rebuild Castle Refuge. Since my powers of deduction and my vast personal fortunes would be wasted if I were to manually rebuild, I took up residence as the Venture Capitalist Baron-King of Castle Refuge, thanks largely to the ally you have bestowed me. We have also expanded, with two Barons over surrounding areas. Principally, I have earned the loyalty of a certain local rival by giving her my holdings in Flowder.

I have opened accounts to be settled by the Council, and that promises to pay richly – even though I am going to magnanimously “waive” accumulated interest in the account, it will pay in prestige and connections, two currencies that too few value, especially in these haphazard days of brutal decadence and frenetic border disputations.

With so many citizens and adventurers still comfortable in the relative peace of Castle Refuge, I have decided to stay to solidify my presence, while my companions travel and try to assert order and peace on the land… It’s so much easier to make a profit in a land like that. I will help them without the fees that I require of other adventuring groups that want edges hitherto unattainable, due to the nature of repayment for jobs completed. How are the novice adventurers supposed to make a living without a guardian angel providing them with goods and equipment necessary to complete their jobs with credit alone at market prices with a minor markup? They can’t. And that’s where I come in.

Also, have you found anything regarding the strange power that Valdus employed?

HRH Rexinald Sleezathan, 1st Baron-King of Castle Refuge




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