The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 89: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 15th

Hmm, it’s late and I know Velma said she went to the K-Dog to get some things. However, I don’t think she prepared for how a Mind Link functions. We are engaged and our rings are made from a material the Dwarves call: Heart of the Mountain. Each share a diamond cut from a larger piece. Once we put them on I sensed the Mind Link between us when she mentioned in her mind how frustrating ThorFrid can be. I know she has a way to communicate home and I am sure she’s heard my thoughts and fears of just measuring up to be worthy of her. Now that she’s out of range my parents are going to flip their lid.

I’m going to be married to an Aerhiman clan princess! Rather than feeling elated, I just feel sorry that my parents will be thrust into politics whether or not they wish to be. What’s now to be decided is whether she will join the Aria clan, I join the Aerhiman clan, neither and our children will share a status of both? Personally I would favor the idea of our children benefitting but I still feel this is also getting ahead of ourselves.

Let us recap:

June 2nd we met the A.I. and it confused Rex for a Major Hawke allowing us to learn a significant mount about the United States of America, the historically accurate name for the American Empire. Also, the Dimension the Dwarves Keegan are related to comes from allows them to breed with humans! Their are half dwarf-human hybrids descended from this Major Hawke and the facility will be given over to them to operate.

We fought a ton (Maybe 24’ish) of cyborg Zombies and I stayed in the back strategically helping with psionic bolts. The group did well and Velma carved quite a name. The group donated nearly all the collected cybernetics to the O’Malley Dwarves which were put to use helping those with injuries. I quietly donated a Million credits to help with any costs associated. Keegan’s mother was overjoyed and tried to pair me up again but I “barely” escaped even one dwarf lass was will to be my dedicated mistress. Wow! I am going to have my hands full just trying to take care of Velma, much less a mistress.

There were parties and a lot and sculptures were made of the group, we were given signet rings. It was that gift that sparked the idea of just going for it. I secretly got the rings made and and they were done two days ago. I presented them just a few hours ago and made Velma very happy.

Well now I just have to keep her that happy until we die.

No pressure.

More if I live…





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