The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 88: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine

Time of Year: May 19th

The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine would take just over a week to wind through the mountain. It was mostly a freight locomotive and in some sections close to Castle Rock it had similar TW Ironhorse train options to hover. However, that didn’t last long before we set down on physical rail tracks. I started thinking about all the different rail and tram systems I have been on. All of them had differences but many more similarities existed betwixt the lot. Now I am not completely up on the terminology but since this was the old American Empire the Barony of Castle Rock existed within the Kingdom of Colorado. One of the sites left by the last wars that many people believe summon the magic and Rifts back to this world via the death sacrifice of millions was the former capital of the Kingdom of Colorado – the Denver crater.

Rex was nice enough to have their pet fly up and get a picture of the crater. Then we used the small printer stashed within the communication dashboard to produce this picture I have affixed here. I don’t have most of my journals from Copernicus-5 here. They are back in what would be easiest to call the Museum of Atlantean History on Alexandria. This picture in my mind encapsulates war, and what I feel most of the time in my heart.


I … more later, I can’t write now …

Location: The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine

Time of Year: May 27th

The train made a brief stop in what used to be called the Barony of Reno in the old Kingdom of Nevada. It has been renamed or rebranded as New Las Vegas and is mostly inhabited by golden, four-armed bird/avain humanoids of remarkable grace and kindness calling their species, Lyn-Srial. I am so happy I visited this town for the 12 hour stop to unload deliveries and load up cargo for the last leg to Alpine in the old Kingdom of California.

I would have called it the city of Glittering Towers! I know next to nothing about the Lyn-Srial, other than how inclusive a society they are. Even my heart was put at ease, because I am far more use to kindness as an interrogation tactic than a true feeling. One might think seeing one of these creatures smile would be off putting. However, the golden feathers, deep amber to dark molten gold eyes, and the muscle that control their beaks breaking into a grin was almost infectious! Their buildings in New Las Vegas were mostly the reclaimed towers of ancient Reno. But as the sun hit them and the Lyn-Srial fluttered from tower to tower they all glittered gold! I found myself wanting to stay and learn to paint so I could share this with the world at large.

I saw ThorFrid and Velma getting onto the cargo car with the K-Dog as the sun was in its beginning stages of dusk. Light refracting off mirrored tower walls and flying Lyn-Srial. Two Valkyries to be certain, Turag was moving from the cargo car to the passenger with their gracefully slow, deliberate motion. They reminded me of a statue carved in the likeness of a great philosopher, only the statue could move. Rex and Keegan reminded me my friends before I was drafted for this genetic aberration many call psychic abilities. This is the only place on the surface of the planet I found a measure of peace. That moment was only a few seconds but for me…

…For me that moment hung as dew refusing to fall from a blade of grass. These people I am grouped with are amazing in their own way, and I hung on to that moment because while there I couldn’t remember all the ways I saw them die in the various futures! New Las Vegas was an amazing place that stilled my heart and reminded me that hope is not gone from this world.

Location: Whistle stop near Keegan’s home town by Lake Alpine where we’re let off at.

Time of Year: May 29th

The drive from the whistle stop depot at Lake Alpine to Alpine proper was short and most of the town in classic Dwarf fashion burrows into the mountainside. A marvel of engineering, the city is bored out in a gravity corkscrew down into giant underground cavern that scatters light via huge crystals. We had to leave the K-Dog up top and took rail cars that miners might use to make the final trek. Oh that railcar ride was GREAATTT!!! It reminded me of water park rock slides back on Alexandria, made by the stone mages to coincide with the natural surroundings. Pecharius Peak had the best slides ever, with one being 73 Earth Prime feet long before sending you off and into the air with another 12 foot drop into a crystal blue pool of water!

That reminds me I have to tell Turag about the Global Wingboard Championship back home! Imagine a 10,000 mile marathon races using the ley line network and rifts created for the event! Winner gets a custom wingboard made for them by the top techno-wizard, stone mages, and Alchemist! Plus they get two tattoos or equivalent if they can’t bear them! Alas I digress and probably forgot to mention rides make me an adrenaline junkie like ThorFrid needing action.

I did not realize how big a family Keegan had. His grandparents are the leaders of the O’Malley Clan and he is one of 213 Grandkids! He’s also and uncle to some 64 Great Grandkids! Then the introductions began as his mother took the opportunity to get Keegan married at their summer festival! The girls began to be introduced to him even before family and the Fenrir Irregulars were given introductions!

There was:

Douvrael Pebblegranite Belgrerlun Noblebelt Khuzmic Minehide Gretchin Blazingflayer – heard she was an amazing chef. Silkdreath Grumblesunder – jeweler by trade Gloridmaiden & Thirdroug Drakebasher – twin sisters and dragon hunters Logruth Broadbuckle Gingrear Dragonbender – I heard her sing and got punched by Velma for mentioning I could listen to her sing forever. HA! Lundrar Underbrow – Oh my she was hot! Rudrurn Drunkhammer – A smith by trade but I think she’s more interested in ThorFrid.

Then there were some of the closer family of the O’Malley Clan:

Lonlir Kic Nar Glod Merlum Glorifeam Kotid Dalgroir Skostaek Mabronlim Mopi

I would love to tell you I could keep up but wow, just wow! This was but a handful of those present when we arrived.

We get shown to rooms…

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: May 30th

The rooms provided for us were warm, but the kinda warm you’d feel from hot coco in front of a roaring fire. When the winter’s harvest festival is playing, and if you’re lucky you’re snuggled up to someone that fancies you. I woke up to a back rub and while seeing one of Velma’s hands come into view over my shoulder it could have been Rex or Turag, and I still would be happy. Breakfast was plentiful, one of the cousins was playing music that was easy to listen to but made me tap my toes!

I met Keegan’s mother and became embroiled in her plot(s) to marry Keegan off to one of the many lasses (ha! picking up Dwarfish slang already) trying to hitch their rail cart to his. While our plans backfired at trying to catch Keegan in a compromising position with one of the lasses We caught Alan Mac’Adaile, one of his childhood friends. The remainder of the day became a celebration of song, dance, libations, and good, nay GREAT CHEER! The O’Malley Clan could give some of the parties I’ve attended on Center or anywhere in the Three Galaxies a run for their money! It was amazing and I got so drunk, so I kinda remember Keegan trying to get me hitched and the Dwarf lass was way hot but I think Velma spooked her. HAHA! Keegan is great, Turag and Rex are around her somewhere. ThorFrid got caught up with three lasses and by the maker’s hammer were they and their parents blushing red!

As I was heading to bed I saw Velma out of her armor in some clothes she had been able to acquire. Oh my were they designed to let the heat not build up, or umm, revealing. Which is standard Atlantean style because of our tattoos. They were showing plenty of skin showcasing her tattoos and I lost my marbles because I went up and smacked her butt then gave her a compliment in slurred Atlantean. I drunkenly shuffled off, making it to my room. Only to hear the door slam shut behind me, and I turned around in just enough time to hear her say, “Your mine!”

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 1st

The mining has made Keegan’s family very rich since he was a boy. I awoke to Velma and I naked in bed. I really wish I could remember what happened the night before but alas, nothing. So I activated my tattoo to see into the past of the room and stopped watching as my face became super red. You’ll have to use your imagination but Velma is very limber, more so than I was aware of.

Today there was to be a total of 43 weddings amongst all the Dwarves gathered. Seeing how I was reacting so warmly to the joy in the air. Velma mentioned that if we stopped by the Aerhiman clan holdings in what was the South American Empire we could get married as well. My reaction was not what she expected I supposed. I mentioned that I couldn’t possibly provide her with the life a Princess of our people needed. The fact she had joined me after helping me escape the compound when they wanted to get the secret of slaying a Splugorth Slaver with a single, lucky, shot. Now, I am sure she has sent them messages about my vampire slaying with a single swipe of my sword.

Velma stunned me by saying this was the best life for her. Without these powers I am nothing, just a commoner, everyone around me is so much more talented or skilled than I am. I’m a genetic freak with a predisposition to natural predator tendencies. I don’t deserve my companions and I damn sure don’t deserve her. However, if she wants me that bad I won’t stop it. It would make my parents happy and I could certainly never do any better than Velma.

I’ll write more if I can stop obsessing over the idea of my worth to her…

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 2nd of June

Today we headed out for the work part of our trip out here. The ancient Howard Military Ammo Dump may hold more than ammo at Duck Lake near a spot called, Inspiration Point. We used Turag’s Invisibility cloaks to sneak in. Rex has a technical glitch and some of his cyber-gear act up. After some fine tuning, smoke-billowing, and such they turned invisible!

The members of Fenrir’s Irregulars did some amazing work dealing with the 21 “Earth Prime” foot long hatch. A tunnel with automated gun defenses. Then we made it to the control room only to find 4 skeletons and notes about something called the Artemis Net. Apparently it is in local interdiction and all Earth Access is denied. Once Rex bypassed its defenses hacking it, a lonely Artificial Intelligence perked up in a seemingly friendly way to Rex saying, “Oh it’s you! I have been waiting for you.”

More if we live.




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