The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 87: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train heading out west from Castle Refuge to the Colorado Baronies

Time of Year: “Not long after the Ides of May”

Velma woke me up saying the gang needed me in another car. Something else must have been bothering her as we gave up our seats and moved to the car the group had told her about. I still don’t know why she defers to me because of the two of us she is the far more capable combatant. When we arrived she stepped aside to allow me to go in first.

When I saw the female they had restrained I went through what every Atlantean child goes through when they see the beings released by the ancient sorceress, Pandora.


I had never met one until this day but the reaction was visceral on a level I had never felt before. Pandora’s pride, curiosity, and these fouls creatures from the nether reaches of space and time are the reason a Splugorth controls Atlantis! For over ten thousand years our race has hung its head in shame over her hubris. My family and clan regulated to outcasts over the ensuing years to make sure no mage or psychic could ever re-use the Song of Creation. Soon, people forgot how Pandora did it, later they “mostly” forgot she was an Aria like myself. But they made sure history of this world never forgot her. Our name means “Song” but so many of our clan refuse to sing for fear of an elder remembering our ancient member. Most don’t even believe the stories anymore, and I for one may have my doubts but nevertheless I don’t try and sing, out loud anyway.

I have finally contributed to purging one of the scourge of countless atrocities, I have slain my first vampire. I could wax on about that moment and how I did it, but any Atlantean reading would know when I said “Marks of Heritage” and need nothing else. It was a single swing followed by it burning in green flame and staining the floor. Velma looked surprised it took a single swing, and then she cocked her head to side, smirked and simply mouthed to me, “Lucky Shot.” Her approving smile made me feel all out of sorts.

I looked at my friends asking why they didn’t tell me about the vampire, and I was informed that A) they didn’t know and B) then the whole story about the train heist of Dragon Blood. They were lucky they had Keegan’s manacles upon the creature but what had us all perplexed was the creature walking around during the day! Dark magicks are afoot allowing such things. We managed to foil the heist, but truth be told it was the rest of the team that did the heavy lifting. I just enhanced my teammates alongside Turag. Well the train staff loved what we did to protect the train especially after traveling through a section of the plains ruled over by various Dragons. We spent the rest of the trip to the Colorado Barony of Castle Rock in first class! Cars that are 50% wider with no expense spared on using natural elements in their construction. Gold and silver filigree, 15 foot tall roof, woodwork done by hand which used wooden sculpture to hide the joins. It certainly is a match for any Atlantean artist after their apprenticeship. Given the lifespan differences that’s a sincere compliment!

This world is still finding its identity after the resurgence of Ley Lines. I remember reading about the history of Alexandria before the Pyramid network was in place. Raging ley line storms and rift tears were commonplace to say the least. Once the clans finish securing South America we should try helping the the wild west resist the Coalition States and Republic of El Dorado. It may take a century but we’ll rid the world of the Splugorth and Vampires.

Also, with first class comes the barcar! I had a lovely spiked drink called the “Mountain Reaper” (ghost peppers, coffee, and vodka). Turag might be captain slow, but letting people think he doesn’t or won’t drink is a misnomer. He took a violent drink with actual poison in it called the “Basilisk’s Heart!” Funny story it would seem these specific poisons don’t affect Trimadore though his speech did slur. Folks you listen to a slow talking Trimadore trying to tell a joke while slurring its speech and that is comedy gold all on its own!

Many of the rest had Rock Mead, except for ThorFrid. She went after another concoction called the “Brown Dwarf.” It was a shot of Basilisk’s Heart dunked into a mug of coffee. She did not die, but got so drunk she passed out. Keegan, Rex, and myself help take ThorFrid back and put her to bed.

More’sih Later’ish and yessh this is me ending this doing drunk writing. . . . ::hiccup::

Location: Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train heading out west from Castle Refuge to the Colorado Baronies in First Class

Time of Year: “May 16th’ish”

When I came to I was informed that an adult (perhaps elder) dragon had shapeshifted and lured ThorFrid onto the top of the train. The gamble before anyone knew about the true nature of the instigator was to pose as though you were using your body to surf the air currents. Since we were traveling through the part of the American Empire called the plains or “Dragon Country.” Finding one wanting to mess with the “lesser creatures” traversing their claimed domain. Not a big surprise, ThorFrid was the perfect candidate. However people often underestimate Fenrir’s Chrome Domed Valkyrie. Even when the wind whipped her off the train she grabbed her vibro dagger and jammed it into the side of the train!

As the luck of Loki would have it, yes that smarmy ass is quite the ladies man, or man’s man depending on their mood. One year in Center on Phase World is more that I ever want to deal with again. I use to think the Splugorth and the Naruni were the worst but I was wrong. The so called “Gods” are just beings that come very close to approaching them in power and good grief they are so much worse when they let loose to unwind. I can’t tell who the bigger manwhore is: Thor or Loki, and given Loki’s shapechange powers I think Thor may have banged his “adoptive” brother at least once or twice. Weirdos.

Back to the Chrome Domed Valkyrie, well, Keegan was in the area/room. It was all given to me second or even third hand (I’ll explain). So my details may be off. Upon seeing his teammate he grabbed his repelling gear! This guy carries so much crap on him in pouches he’d be naked at a dinner party! He secures himself and barrels out the window of the train. Saves ThorFrid, and pulls her back end. Now depending upon whom overheard them he confesses his love to ThorFrid! Can’t confirm that but I totally ship it! Everyone around them applauds when they get back inside.

Location: The Colorado Barony of Castle Rock

Time of Year: May 18th

The Colorado Barony of Castle Rock has a rough population of 700,000 sentients. While mostly Humans at nearly 60% with 150,000 to 200,000 making up permanent residents. The excessive transient population is due to the Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train route making this location a major hub for the western portion of the ancient American Empire. There are two markets because of the numbers of D-Bees with specific dietary requirements. All vegetation is sold in one market and all sentient life to be used or processed as food is sold in the second market. There are some jobs that would be hard for me to do but to move from a large bovine named Janice in one stall and make sure it is humanely slaughtered. To move next to a human named Janice in the next stall and make sure they are humanely slaughtered would take a special person and I am happy its not me.

Now the two markets have clever names: Sunnyside Up & Dark Side of the Moon. It doesn’t take a genius to know which one is the market known for selling sentient processed food options. Not long into going into the old town buried beneath the current Castle Rock we enetered what is collectively called “The Court of Fools” which holds the Dark Side of the Moon market within its boundaries. We ran across the Dragon that toyed with ThorFird. A Royal Frilled Dragon known by the locals as the “Moon King’s Lackey” of all things. Apparently, like the Shadow Broker in the east with Castle Refuge. The Moon King was the head in the west for the black market, or at least a sizable faction of it.

A couple women mention that they couldn’t believe we got the better of the Moon King’s Lackey. Which begs the question of what sort of being keeps an adult/elder(??) dragon as their lackey? We decline the offer and with some timely advice from a contact Rex knows. A fellow going by the name “Handsome Jack.” We actually retreat to the K-Dog and wait for the next train to leave tomorrow for Alpine that we had transferred to.

On the way back to the K-Dog we did stop at a bookstore where Turag was able to find a book about lost CosmoKnights with a subtitle suggesting its contents: Fallen Heroes or Mysterious Strangers. Turag and the group were haggling over prices when I noticed a book written in Ancient Atlantean! An illuminated first edition of the lineage of the Aerhiman clan! I quickly said if this book was tossed in I would pay no more questions asked. The shop keep was happy and I handed over my cred-stick for the 50,000 credit price tag. I waited til we got back to the K-Dog to give it to Velma. When she realized what exactly it was and how rare, nearly unique a find. She carefully put it away and then tackled me with hugs and kisses. I smiled but playfully reached my hand out gasping, “Run for it everyone! I’ll hold her off as long as I can!” There were a few chuckles as I was left to my glorious fate.

More if I survive! HAHAAHAHA!!!




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