The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 86: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train heading out west from Castle Refuge to the Colorado Baronies

Time of Year: “Not long after the Ides of May”

Today, today is going great. I normally travel to worlds, visit and/or interact in a very narrow portion of the world. Once my task is complete I would return to my homeworld of Alexandria, or during the one decade, Copernicus-5. While we are looking into some items related to our work. This is a visit to a Dwarven settlement outside the Three Galaxies! I’m really looking forward to how groundpounder Dwarves live. It’s going to be so much different I suspect from the belt miners I’ve met.

Oh, and what is even better is the archaic TW train transport! It’s so quaint that it still makes use of personal style conveyances, it rides above the ley line like an actual train on a physical track! It’s design it so pretty with its riveted panels of steel trying to make it look sleek and fast. Someday I need to bring some pyramid builders here to help them with instantaneous transportation. Back on Alexandria I really took the “always-on” gate technology for granted.

I can’t wait to see the ocean again. Hopefully, I don’t run into the weird sea-faring pirates on that island in the middle of some ocean when I first arrived.

I digress about what awaits me.

Let’s see when we got back it seems scrying attempts to contact us came back as not on this plane of existence so we were classified as dead.

Our group split up to work on re-establishing our identity. Keegan had a bar to re-acquire, Turag’s father was holding a wake there! I had gone off to Castle Refuge in hopes they could raise Velma out in the field and let her know to come home. As I am writing this Velma is sitting next to me trying not to look and give me space to pursue scholarly things. The visceral way she reacted on the radio when the Castle Refuge Comm Officer tried to raise her.

“HE’S NOT DEAD!…” <click>

I understood then what she was going through. I have looked into the future twice and it makes wish I had stayed on Copernicus-5. All the future holds in it is innumerable ways to die. I have watch Velma die 32 or 33 times now. I have watch Rex die 29 times, I have watched Keegan die a total of 86, Turag a total of 93 because he was brought back from the brink only to be eviscerated on an alien honey pot for Phase Spiders. Thorfrid holds a great deal of respect in my view. She has died 85 times for me but over half of them have shown me the strength of her soul. 12 occasions she had to be ripped apart limb from limb as she kept swinging when her eyes had rolled back in her head! She “in one future” impaled a Phase Spider with the leg of another Phase Spider!

I have seen my own demise to the last second before rewinding and exploring another path 56 times. You see in order to not rip your mind apart when you view forward in time you “live” that fragment of possibility! Several times I almost actually died believing it to be the real timeline. Now the strain of any “chrono-injuries” from possible futures only really hit you as instantaneous bio-feedback the second you come out of the future! You go through all the stress and pain of multiple lives instantly. My friends might wonder why I am distant on occasion, well if they saw an event that triggered a future memory where they had died they might understand better. I am not really sure how to have that conversation but I know it has to happen at some point. Turag seems like a good person to test it out on … Note to self.

Now this that exposition out of the way for some future reader, I empathize with how Velma must have felt. I still don’t know how to approach the situation well, but I think going slow may work for us allowing each to heal from her thinking I had died. This world is super dangerous and it’s hard to imagine having a normal life when a dimensional tear may spill forth monsters with no warning. Nations here keep squabbling for power rather than securing the world from harm.

I appreciate my home world of Alexandria more and more each day. The pyramid network even prevents ley line storms, nearly instantaneous travel, it is a global community. I lived 10,000 Earth Prime miles away from my schools but going home on the furloughs was like 20-25 Earth Prime minutes away just walking through five gate hubs. I’ll always remember the Falls of Miravaka, it was the first time someone kissed me out of love and not familial sort. Nolan was fluid with their gender and their clan tattoos only reinforced it. They could be binary or neither, it was up to them!

I loved meeting Turag’s father, he was and we spent a fair amount of time talking. He gave me some thoughts his wife had on psychic powers since she was also classified as what this world calls, a Mind Melter. I really envy that relationship he has with his parents, as mine were distant. I don’t doubt they loved me it was just work to make ends meet, then they were so excited I had psychic powers.

I’m finishing this up, I asked Velma if I could rest my head on her shoulder since the car is crowded and she looked so happy.

More later.




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