The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 84: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Ley Line crafted Dyson Core of Earth Prime, Imit Veruno

Time of Year: “May 5th”

Luckily I have always been gifted with Languages and I picked up the native tongue of the Saurid/Saurian (bipedal dinosaurs ranging from human height to about twice that) peoples very quickly. Imit Veruno is a weird mix of time epochs because of dimensional portals that have made it here. While a vast majority of the city appears Iron Age, pockets of hi-tech, psionics, and magic have appeared here and their. Those with them quickly rise to power in the case of the “Haves” & “Have Not” situations.

In 12 hours within being away from Turag and inside Imit Veruno we managed to

  • Befriend a guard of the city and a member of a race of ?? Humanoid ?? called Avalonian. Their name is They have no bone structure of their own, but they can mimic musculature of any creature if they have “skeletal” framework to use and adhere to.
  • It’s super gross to watch and it evokes every nightmare I’ve had of watching people die.
  • Barring this they appear to be a decent people from a moral standpoint.
  • Got involved in an Arena match for a large piece of mystical rock called a lodestone. Only to find out the owner of the arena a dragon in disguise practicing necromancy on the winners!
  • We managed to save some Saurinoids (bi-pedal dinosaur like folk) from one of the other teams.
  • We managed to escape the town chasing other Avalonians from the Millenium Tree (Avladrassil – I may have spelled the name wrong).
  • We catch them and then decide to let them have the stone if we can get the small fraction (looked like 10%) of it we needed for Silas and his submarine.
  • We allowed to journey to the tree!
  • My dreams have seemed strange because they don’t seem to be mine. I may be trying to process and cope with feeling as though I am not the master of my fate. However, the idea I might have been a clan leader in a previous incarnation of my soul sounds fun. I may also be dreaming of being award an accolade of some kind, hard to tell.
  • I woke up with a blanket made of a leaf wrapped around me! The tree gave me a gift! I am nobody and I have been pitied by the tree. Still it is a magical gift and I will treasure its kindness.
  • Note: I am not the only Atlantean that has made it here, exciting information to be certain.

More if I live.




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