The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 83: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Ley Line crafted Dyson Core of Earth Prime,

Time of Year: “May 3rd”

How might one explain seeing the things I have seen in the last two days. Forgive any errors in word crafting as I’m following my chosen misfits to a town called – Imit Veruno.

A few things of note:

When we landed a yellow craft landed that reminded me of sub aquatic conveyances on Alexandria, not as elegant but similar. It was then I had a vision all the different events that could happen over the next hour! There were Republic of El Dorado troops inside including a Psi-Stalker. Warnings were given by ThorFrid and I was able to push my sight forward in time thanks to the magic tattoo from Velma. I was able to see whom was within and shared that. A third of those events resulted in seeing some of my misfits friends dying, unacceptable. Psychic reinforcement was given to Turag. All of them had a vision of ThorFrid being struck by lightning. I shouted a warning about that to her. I unleashed my fury at the Psi-Stalker, whom I was reliving the stress of watching them kill ThorFrid 17 different ways. They managed to hit her once before being ripped in half by a green glowing mega bolt of psionic energy from me. After my chosen misfits dealt with the rest I spent the time consoling myself that I was saving a friend but that Psi-Stalker in different visions kills nearly all of my friends at least once. I hate the taste of vomit in my mouth. We leave in the vehicle and travel to the center of Earth Prime. Honestly it felt like traveling dimensions so I slept through it all. We arrived at a form of Pangaea formed by the Ley Line crafted Dyson Core holding the magma core of Earth Prime in perfect form to act as a sun of sorts! The biggest Millenium Tree I’ve ever about is off in the distance. We met a famed Techno-Wizard named Silas. They apparently crafted the conveyance we used to get here, so their skill speaks for itself. Off we are sent to Imit Veruno for a supply run. If I survive this I’ll write more. About this internal Dyson Sphere!! About ThorFrid talking to Thor?? I’m tired of killing people



Someone once said: “A man who is tired of killing people, is tired of life!”.

Aw, no hang on, actually, I think it was when he is tired of London, he is tired of life. But it still makes sense. Maybe even more so.

Journal 83: Dr. Valdus Aria

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