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Journal 81: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: In the community of Southaven

Time of Year: Spring-ish Summer is not far, and I don’t remember if it’s March or April at this point.

The last week has been fabulous! I am getting ahead of myself in the sheer joy. It was interesting to simply be the facilitator or pilot watching my group do good deeds. So there was some Cyber-Knights that had gone to scout the missile base, since we were waiting for them to get back we had finished the TW Stealth Cloaks / Ponchos. It was a morning I was feeling happy about because we had spent a few days crafting items and creating things. Even my dreams had started to quiet.

When Rex called us over to the sitting room. In order to inform us that we had an issue and be able to re-capture the lost job we agreed. Purchases were made and soon we were on our way. Since we were not using a Ley Line I had to pilot and provide the energy to make our K-Dog go. I cannot express how happy I was to be of such mundane usefulness! The joy of piloting and skimming the treetops to stay out of the monsoon storms was a joy. Velma sat up there with me but was quiet.

Can you blame her? How do you have a conversation with someone that, when angered, can wave their hand and kill eight people? I tried to just focus on the sheer joy of skimming the horizon. We were heading to go stop a disease outbreak! Helping people! We were on our way to help a lot of people.

We encountered some kind of Monster in Mountain View, Valley, or some such town. The group dealt with it and even found the run away R.E.D. SAMAS pilot in a broken unit without asking me to use my powers. I almost wanted to mention something but it was great to watch them work as a team and made me thrilled to see them function without the NEED of me. These are good peeps even if we’re all a little crazy. ThorFrid would like that. HA!

The blood from the Monster, which is still trapped below Mountain View was useful in creating a supernaturally charged antibody to fight the plague and it was Turag the Triumphant who gets the award. I may have helped a little but only as a second pair of eyes with my skills learned as an actual doctor to help refine the process. But it should be Turag that gets credit for the cure of Southaven. Then the rest of the team figured out the delivery system and we crop dusted the town!

It was great we flew in low and got the infected to follow us via the roar of the engines. It made them perfect targets for the dispersal system! Keegan made sure we lured them out of town following us so as they came to their senses the rest would keep following us and not re-infect anyone else.

We saved the town,

We saved the two surviving R.E.D. soldiers

We got their Mark V and they are coming back to Castle Refuge to join up.

Castle Refuge wants to remove the medical equipment and put it to use for the town at large. The group worked out a deal and I sat most of that out happy to just be a fly on a wall, having killed no one!

Best Mission Yet!


“We encountered some kind of monster….”
“The blood from the monster….was useful in creating a supernaturally charged antibody.”
I wonder if this was a particularly aggressive unicorn?

Journal 81: Dr. Valdus Aria

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