The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 80: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: In a ramshackle makeshift skeleton of what was once called Treytown

Time of Year: Spring-ish Summer is not far, and I don’t remember if it’s March or April at this point.

Now, to be fair my recollection of the day is short at best.

I am told Thorfrid somehow got into a tussle with some of the R.E.D. troops while I was asleep. But really wasn’t this only a matter of time anyhow? Thorfrid, fighting, not a huge leap there. Our chrome domed Valkyrie lives for this stuff.

Waking up to battle sounds nearly sent me back to Copernicus-5. I nearly fell into some old and formerly comfortable habits. I came out saw the battle from our K-Dog armored transport. Raising my visor I offered some jerky to Turag, whom thanked me for the offer but declined the food.

Then I noticed Velma being attacked by a large group and coupled with: A) sounds of battle in the distance, and B) her recent admission that “she” or “we” were a burgeoning couple. I snapped and let loose some of the energy I used back on Copernicus-5. I extended my hand flaring green psychic energy flowing like ethereal flame from my eyes. I called her my girlfriend as the eight vanished in a burst of green light. As though I whisked them out of existence.

I am the angel of the emerald death.

I teleported them roughly 60 feet down into the ground. Once they appeared gravity would do what gravity does with the tons of displaced rock. You could say I recycled them. I think they’ll make better trees than soldiers.

I did my best to avoid throwing up when the power surge passed. I found myself sitting in the K-Dog’s bathroom, shaking, in the dark. So I couldn’t see the grin my face might have at tasting the power surge once again.

Another Lucky Shot.

The Cyber Knights showed up and I mention nothing about what I have done. Turag and Velma have seen what I can do when amp’ed up. Mitnik the Mad saw it once to. I let the shining champions of justice be just what they are.

My other teammates showed how useful they could be when they stopped a Titan Missile R.E.D. had unleashed from destroying everyone! Jonas the Butcher is apparently of the opinion if I can’t have it no one can. Several days have gone by and we have been asked to infiltrate the base where the missile was launched from. I have been assisting in the creating of devices to cloak us. Alas, I have come full circle, I’m on another world, in another war, sneaking in to a base where my old skill set will really shine.

I haven’t really spoken to anyone about the fight, would it even matter at this point? There will be words of encouragement, that I did what I had to, but at the end of the day killing is easy. Destroying is easy. What is rewarding and hard is healing.

I just wish I was better at it.




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