The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 79: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: In a ramshackle makeshift skeleton of what was once called En-route from the Comm line repair job back to Castle Refuge

Time of Year: Spring-ish Summer is not far

Seems our next job to help a disease town was absconded with and the crew assigned to it got the town under quarantine. As we neared the castle and trying to figure out what to do next we noticed a R.E.D. or republic of El Dorado troop transport near the ley line we were cruising on.

More later if we live.
UPDATE: Still alive.

So, I have to hand it to Keegan. The R.E.D. (Republic of El Dorado) forces were here to request him for the mediation of helping settle the surrender of a town known as Treytown. It took a bit to get there but when we arrived I had seen towns like this before. During a brief cease fire the Kreeghor constructed one to hold talks in and then they blew up their own delegation in order to strike at the Free Worlds Council leadership.

I misjudged Keegan thinking he was helping another dictator take control once again. When I put my foot down and made it clear any option to stop it was on the table. Keegan mentioned he couldn’t stop the R.E.D. take over but we could find a way to save as much of the townsfolk as possible. I instantly understood his angle and backed off. They were never on Copernicus-5 and have not seen what a protracted war with a off-world aggressor can feel like. I still remember the hell not suspending after we won. Mitnik the Mad was the general they elected the leader of the world after we sent the Kreeghor packing. Mitnik had seen to much war and began running the world as his own personal base, forgetting about the freedoms his people had lost. One regime fought off only for another one cloaked in friendship to replace it.

I have fought in two wars on Copernicus-5 and I was on the victorious side in both. Yet I still have nightmares about it and Mitnik still stares at me when I sleep. The life draining from his face when he realized his predicament but was too late to stop it.

As a side note Velma mentioned hearing me talk in my sleep about that place. My reaction was sheer panic mounting and she had to calm me down I nearly went catatonic. I couldn’t even enjoy the hug she gave me I was so wound up looking for a way out. No one should want to be near me. The monster lurking beneath the veneer of the kind doctor. The assassin trained as a healer to facilitate their missions. No one can love nor should love such a person. Death follows me like that pal willing to go with every bad idea you come up with. I want to believe I can change. Yet everytime I close my eyes all I see is blood.




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