The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 78: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: En-route from the Comm line repair job back to Castle Refuge

Time of Year: Spring-ish Summer is not far

So when I wrote about lying regarding medical school I should probably explain. I grew up on Alexandria in a small town that doesn’t matter. The pyramid located in the center of town controlled the ley line running through it and thus provided the power and modern amenities not seen in this rural settlement. The Aria Clan is small and out of all the pyramids on the planet this was the one we controlled. We had maybe 50,000 to 55,000 members either in that rather forgettable town or spread across worlds and dimensions. My family ranked near the bottom of the clan if not last. My father worked at the pyramid as a Stone-Master third class (yes that is the lowest level of magical engineers). My mother was evening sergeant of the town watch.

I was loved, and wanted for nothing, I was happy and could have stayed that way had I not developed psychic powers. The last person in my family that had them was four generations removed from me and roughly 2,300 years ago! My world changed overnight and I was whisked off to the capital where Clan Acherean reign over this world. When it was determined I had master level talents my childhood ENDED! I spent 20 years being trained and conditioned to endure the tests. I initially only developed powers that would hurt or destroy things. I was trained with the sword and among my family they said my song was death.

If you’re not an Aria Clan Atlantean that song bit would mean nothing. My folks said our progenitor knew the Song of Creation and could make anything with it, including time! I was only good at destroying things and I tried so hard to fix that but teachers try to prod your talents at my age, not your interests. I finally showed them how different I could be when I refused to fight in one battle test and actually healed myself until the timer ran out. Then as my opponent was out of energy I ran over to him and punched him into unconsciousness, healed him and did it again! The teachers kept me isolated from students for a year until the class my opponent was in had graduated to a different training school. I was forced to repeat that year, only they allowed to pursue other talents. It seems destroying things and healing them currently are it.

Were it not for the magic tattoos I would be a two-trick dragonsaurus was often the phrase used on me. When I graduated (although I think aged-out might be a better term) at 48 my brother visited me along with the rest of the family. I had made them proud but I barely remembered any of them. Aside from the chance encounters we kids were able to achieve to learn about our bodies and stuff we lived in relative seclusion from everyone and everything. I wanted nothing to do with the institution any further and my brother thought I would make a good field medic given the talents I had mastered. I have no wish to go over what happened on Copernicus-5 even if we won that war.

Because it takes two to tango I decided to make an olive branch towards Velma. I would be lying if I said it was completely altruistic, I have no great desire to be on the run from her family for pissing her off. You hear rumors about the most powerful clan of our people and you want to call them superstitions and jealousy. However, the wise man pays the salt tax to all information. Again to anyone reading this I did not give permission to, just remember I blew a man’s head off for waking me up just imagine what I’ll do when I find you.

We, or should I say “Fenrir’s Irregulars”, arrived back in the town of Refuge with the aforementioned castle. I don’t know how Velma felt as I refused to make eye contact with her. I offered to cover the tab at the Embrace that night when we’d look for jobs on the board to do next. I paid for one of the staff to deliver a note and flower to Velma (I’ve not met many women on a personal level but all of them liked flowers), that basically says, “Sorry, I suck at this stuff.” Truth be told I have no idea what flower got used but it must have worked. Before we left I got a kiss on my cheek and she whispered, “That’s a good start.”


I have the distinct concern that trying to learn romantic prowess is going to be like learning psychic powers all over again. Still, I owe it to her to free her from the Curator. None of this is like any of the books I read about romance, no lightning, no bottle, no spark, no heart palpitations. To be fair that last one always bothered me, if you had a heart condition why would you want to fall in love? The rest of it sounds like a Dwarven Guildmaster trying to make Golem.

If Velma and I have romance it started with disbelief from me that someone could even be that pretty, frustration from her that we actually don’t communicate non-verbal signals well to each other. My nearly enduring physical abuse due to that frustration, finally culminating in an argument on both sides to express feelings openly and honestly. Romance is messy and temperamental at best.

I suppose when this is all over I could write a book: Love – A Cautionary Tale of Shit not to do. We’ll just call it a working title.

The job repairing the comm line went smooth and I helped keep the workers in functional shape for the most part. It was really unremarkable and as I write this we’re heading back to Castle Refuge and the town. Seems our next job to help a disease town was absconded with and the crew assigned to it got the town under quarantine. As we neared the castle and trying to figure out what to do next we noticed a R.E.D. or republic of El Dorado troop transport near the ley line we were cruising on.

More later if we live.




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