The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 74.appendix.b: Dr. Valdus Aria

I don’t even think anyone among the True Atlanteans believes in the quest of my Clan anymore. I am average, just a lucky many that’s been in the right place at the right time and willing to help those in need. I am only following the Aria Clan motto: A Chorus Needs Its Choir To Sing. We still believe there’s a Song of Creation that can perform miracles. I am far more worried my clan might be right and it’s real. The problem with such arcana is that “great” and “miracle” are such subjective terms. Great for whom? A good miracle for whom, what, where, or when?

Alas I am no prince, I am not of noble birth, I am probably from one of the lowest ranking families in my clan. I just happened to develop mental powers of a Mind Master/Mind Melter and such my life changed.

What I can’t believe is Velma, a Princess of the Aerihman Clan, is interested in me. I have to constantly keep looking somewhere else when I am around her, I am so thrilled no one reads this. I heard an old song of this world about hot girls or girlfriends, and this would describe Velma. People think the girl they are standing with or dating is hot, but then they meet Velma and realize the bar was not just raised. They need a hover platform to reach it. It is so difficult to keep my voice from cracking when I talk to her good gods she is a wonder to look at.

Her father and brother wanted me to train their Mind Masters to perform the one hit kill I did on the slaver and would not take “it was a lucky shot” for an answer. Velma’s hand was even offered to me in order to teach them. I was offended but feigned stomach illness. Velma caught me trying to sneak out that night. When I explained I could not be apart of something that did not acknowledge her free will she helped me escape.

If she actually had feelings for me I think the nosebleed of shock would kill me.




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