The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Enemies of Midgard Beware or not

If you love her...wear purple...

I am ThorFrid JarlsDóttir, defender of Midgard, beware those that mean harm to my folk. I have gathered many heroes from across the nine worlds. There is Keegan O’malley from Svartalfheim, land of the dwarves. Valdus from Alfheim, land of the elves. Turag Tentid from Jotunheim, land of the Jotun (He is a bit undersized for a Jotun). Jad from Niflheim, the cold lands. I’m not sure who or what he is, but I think he is related to either Urd Norn or Skuld Norn. And of Course Rex Sleezathan from…well, I’m not really sure where he comes from…I think it is either Muspelheim or Vanaheim…Anyway…We are brave warriors on a journey to push back against the dead of Helheim and keep Ragnarök from tearing Midgard asunder. My name sake is Thor God of War and Thunder and Freya Goddess of Love. If you cross me, you will pay with your life. If you aid me I may just fuck you. If your cute but you cross me, I could easily fuck you to death.
Prepare you heathen to be…WAIT…are they wearing PURPLE? Al right that’s it…nope…I’m done…I’m out…hyvästi…adjö…ha det…



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