Turag Tentid


Turag Tentid

Trimadore TechnoWizard


Turag Tentid (Too-rag Tent-id) is a Trimadore born in Stormspire on the 2nd of February, PA 87. His skin is a light gray, eyes are green, and he wears heavily modified, bright red, Adventure armor with a sunburst in the chest. He always carries his tool belt, modified with a two holsters to hold his revolver and Jericho Bomb. He always has his hoverboard slung on his back.

Picture from Palladium Books.

Name: Turag Tentid
Rank Novice
OCC: TechnoWizard
Race: Trimadore
Land of Origin: Stormspire

HT 7’4" Agility D6
WT 240 lb Smarts D10
PP 30 Spirit D6
Wounds Strength D4
Fatigue Vigor D4
Sex M
Exp Novice
Birthday 2/1/39 (70 years old

Derived Stats Base Mod Current Armor
Pace 6 -1 5
Parry 4 2 6
Toughness 4 4 12 4

Weapon Range
Damage AP Shots Weight Carried Notes
TK Revolver 12/24/48
1D4+2 4 6 4 Y AP 4, Cap 6, Fan hammer (Rapid Attack)
Armor Area Protection Stacks Weight Notes
Adventure Full Body 4 No 5 +2 Vigor Check
Special Power PP Cost Range Duration Damage/Armor Description
Repulsor Gauntlet 11 Smx2 Instant 3D10 Blast +Greater Blast +Selective +Damage +Large Blast Template. Launches a ball of explosive energy or matter. The area of effect is a Large Blast Template. Every target within suffers 3d10 damage, or 4d10 with a raise. May Reduce the cost by one to change the blast template to Medium or Small. Only hits Enemies in the space.
Force Field 7 Smx2 5 Special Linked to Arc Reactor. Deflection +3 Targets +1 Range. Once cast, foes must subtract 2 from attack rolls directed at the user (or 4 with a raise). Creates a force field of grey energy.
Jericho Bomb 5 Smarts 5 Special Havoc +Selective +Strong +Large Blast Template. Anyone touched by the template is Distracted and must then make a Strength roll at −2. Those who fail are hurled 2d6″—directly away from the caster if using the Cone Template or directly away from the center if using a Blast Template (the caster chooses for those in the dead center).
Victims who strike a hard object (such as a wall) take 2d4 damage (nonlethal unless it’s a spiked wall or other more dangerous hazard).
Airborne Targets: Flying or airborne targets suffer an additional −2 to their Strength rolls as they have no ground to brace themselves on. Physical Bomb.
Scalecoat Armor 5 Smx2 5 4/6 Protection Toughness +More Armor +1 Range. A coat of scales rises from the skin adding +4 toughness (6 on raise). Creates a coat of scales that grow out of the skin.
Novice Powers PP Cost Range Duration Description
Blind 2 SM Instant −2 /-4 penalty to all actions requiring sight
Bolt 1 SMx2 Instant 2D6/3D6
Boost/Lwr Trait 2 SM 5 Boost Instant Lwr Boost 1Die/2 Lower Same
Burrow 2 SM 5 1/2 Pace or Meld
Burst 2 Cone Instant 2D6/3D6
Confusion 1 SM End Turn Distracted & Vulnerable/-2 Boost
Darksight 1 SM 1 hr 4/6 Points Illumination penalties ignored
Deflection 3 SM 5 Subtract 2/4 from attackers roll
Detect/Conceal Arcana 2 SM 5 detect 1 Hr conceal detect all supernatural persons, objects, or effects in sight Conceal arcana prevents detection of arcane
energies on one being or item of Normal Scale
Entangle 2 SM Instant Hardness 5 Raise Bound
Environmental Protection 2 SM 1 hr breathe, speak, and move at his normal
Havoc 2 SM Instant Strength roll (-2 Raise) or hurl 2D6"
Healing 2 Touch Instant 1 wound (Raise 2)
Light/Darkness 2 SM 10 min Light creates bright illumination in a Large
Blast Template Dark same.
Protection 1 SM 5 2 points of Armor, or +4 with a raise
Relief 1 SM Instant removes one Fatigue level, or two
with a raise
Smite 2 SM 5 weapon’s damage is increased by +2, or +4 with a raise
Speak Language 1 SM 10 min speak, read, and write
Sloth/Speed 2 SM Instant (sloth); 5 Spd Sloth halves the target’s total movement Speed doubles
Stun 2 SM Instant make a Vigor roll (at −2 with a raise on the arcane skill roll) or be Stunned (see 106).
Wall Walker 2 SM 5 With success,
she moves at half her normal Pace. With a raise, she may move at full Pace and even run.

Novice: blind(Greater Blind), bolt(Onslaught), boost/lower Trait(greater boost/lower trait), burrow(greater Burrow), burst(Greater Burst), confusion(Greater Confusion), darksight(Exalted Darksight), deflection(Greater Deflection), detect/conceal arcana(Exalted Detect/Conceal Arcana), entangle(Greater Entangle), environmental protection(Life Support), havoc(Greater Havoc), healing(Mass Healing), light/darkness(Eternal Light/Darkness), protection(Greater Armor), relief. smite (Greater Smite), speak language(Mass understanding), sloth/speed(Greater Speed), stun(Greater Stun), wall walker(Greater Wall Walker)
Seasoned: blast(Greater Blast), clairvoyance(World Scry), damage field(Exalted Damage Field), dispel(Exalted Dispel), farsight(Greater Farsight), invisibility(True Invisibility), sloth/speed, slumber (Greater Slumber), telekinesis(Exalted Telekinesis), teleport(Greater Teleport), warrior’s gift(Greater Warrior’s Gift)
Veteran: barrier(Stalwart Walls), drain Power Points(PPE Thief), fly(Swift Flight), resurrection

Skills Attribute Die Bonus
Academics Agl D4 0
Athletics Sma D6 0
Battle Agl D6 0
Common Know Sma D6 0
Electronics Sma D6 0
Fighting Agl D4 0
Lang Dragonese Sma D8 0
Lang American Sma D8 0
Notice Sma D6 0
Occult Sma D6 0
Persuasion Spi D4 2
Repair Sma D8 0
Research Sma D6 0
Science Sma D10 0
Shooting Agl D4 0
Stealth Agl D4 0
Survival Sma D6 0
Weird Science Sma D10 0
Politics Sma D10 0
Hindrances Type Notes
Distinctive D-Bee Racial
Non-Standard Physiology Racial
Cautious Minor
Hesitant Minor
Elderly Major
Cybernetics IF
Device Dependent IIF
Enemy Coalition IF
Gearhead Geek IF
Edges Notes
Technically Savvy
Mr. Fix-it
Long Arms
Arcane Background
Arcane Machinist
Machine Maestro
Required Knowledge

Name Count Weight Description
Daily Rations 7 2 Life giving nourishment
Sleeping Bag 1 3 Warm sleepy dreams
Backpack 1 1 Hold stuff
Tool Kit 1 5 Make cool shit
Bronze plaque 1 0 etched with a picture of the entirety of SAVIOR. Top row: Geist, Deathwish, Shorty, Hyperia, Jake, Granny2Good. Middle Row: Cavalry, Miss Amazing, Zeau, Covenant, Snake Person. Bottom Row: Griffin, Black Phantom, Quazi, The Beast, Hank, Victor Valenzuela. Numbered 2 of 6
Limited Edition, #1 of 182 ‘Heroes of the Century Station’ Victor Valenzuela action figure. 1 0 with official Tecate® Beer cans and Stretch Action
Limited Edition, #1 of 19 ‘Heroes of the Century Station’ Granny action figure 1 0 with High Speed Cane Action


My parents were good Trimadores, and they raised me to believe in fairness and right vs wrong. They taught me to be a Techno-Wizard from a young age, and I have passed all the strict tests to become a certified TW agent for Stormspire. I followed in their footsteps for many years, living a quiet life- but all that changed when the first refugee from Tolkeen arrived.

He was a ley line walker, a young one, and human. I was out scavenging for parts near the edge of the city when he arrived- just materializing out of a ley line that ran there. He was a mess- bleeding profusely from multiple wounds, and muttering, “Too many of them, too many of them.” I carried him on my hoverboard to the nearest medical center.

His name was Anderson Cooper, and he had been a peaceful resident of Tolkeen until the war began. He vowed to fight for his home, and had some early success. That was until the great battle, when the Coalition decided it was going to try to obliterate Tolkeen, wipe it off the map. Anderson was caught in the first wave. He told me of a place which seemed a legend- a fantasy castle located to the west in the pre-Rifts area of Arkansas. It was named Castle Refuge. I vowed to travel with him there, to help him arrive safely.

I have been at Castle Refuge for only a month, and it thrills me! The aura of hope, the fact that all races are equal, and everyone is of use is a joy to behold. I have accompanied a few mapping expeditions, and for the first time in my life feel very useful! I only hope to find a group to use my abilities to their fullest, to grow this spirit of hope and unity to others!


Turag Tentid

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