Rex Sleezathan


Rex is a human with tan skin, short brown hair, and a close-cropped beard. He stands at about 6 feet, and walks with an almost imperceptible limp. He’s seen around Castle Refuge regularly wearing a black-leather-and-ermine-furred squall jacket, reinforced blue-jeans, and heavy black boots. He appears to be in his late thirties.


Rex was born and raised in Chi-town. He found himself joining the military so he could fill his belly, and gravitated toward the Quartermaster’s division to fill others’ bellies. After a couple of run-ins with The Arbiter of Fate, he’s gained a healthy fear of death – which lead him to take extreme actions. He’s absolutely obsessed with cybernetics, feeling the need for trump cards up his sleeve. If he comes across any sort of technology that he thinks is unclaimed, he will take it and add it to his arsenal. He’s gone on a few solo missions, but only barely managed to escape with his life, the final time leaving him laid up in a hospital bed for a couple weeks.


Rex Sleezathan

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