Ace Robot Pilot

Mononoke is a beautiful young woman of average build who wears ragged clothing and a cape made of a wolf’s fur, and has what appears to be amaranth red war paint on her face. She wears a head necklace with a single small gem in her front. She also bears short, straight, earthy brown hair and has dark blue eyes with bangs slightly parted in the middle. She has a medium necklace with three fangs tied across her neck. She wears long, dangling, oval shaped earrings. She is also very agile, fast, fairly strong and appears to be really good at using daggers and spears. She wears a mask which is her iconic feature. The mask is red with ears and white wavy lines and three sunshine yellow holes for a mouth and eyes. All of this stands out enough- but when this obviously Asian woman opens her mouth and a Texan drawl comes out she is unmistakable.

She is compassionate towards the inhabitants of the forest (animals, gods, and other beings), but very distrustful through humanity. She is stubborn, short-tempered, courageous, and protective, her primary concern being to protect the forest and animals she loves.

Picture from Studio Ghibli.

Name: Mononoke
Rank Legendary 19
Race: Psi-Ghost (Appears Human)
Land of Origin: Coalition States

HT 5’ Agility 12
WT 110 lbs Smarts 8
PP 10 Spirit 6
Wounds Strength 6
Fatigue Vigor 8
Sex F
Birthday 10/31
Advances 19

Derived Stats Base Armor Mod Current
Pace 6
Parry 8
Toughness 6 4 10

Weapon Range ROF Damage AP Shots Weight Carried
Wilk’s 320 1D4
Armor Toughness Notes
Plastic EBA 4 Immune disease, poison, drowning + 4 cold, heat, electric, radiation
Special Power PP Cost Range Duration Description
Ghosting 0 Self Any Intangible +4 Stealth +2 Intimidate Only vulnerable to gas attacks
Psionics :
Power Range Duration Description
Detect Arcana 0 Self 5 PRESENCE SENSE: The caster is able to sense the presence and exact location of living beings within range like a radar; detect arcana activated with Presence Sense no longer requires line of sight to locate living beings.
Conceal Arcana 0 Self 1 hour Conceal arcana prevents detection of arcane energies on one being or item of Normal Scale for one hour
Potion of the Shadow Wolf (Boost Trait) 1 Self 5 Darkens the area around her adding a +1 to all stealth rolls and reduces all attacks against her by -1. This power allows a character to increase or decrease a target’s Trait (attribute or skill). Boosting an ally’s Trait increases the selected Trait one die type, or two with a raise, for five rounds.
Potion of the Forest’s Guardian (Arcane Protection) 1 Self 5 Speeds the recipient by 2 pace. Success with arcane protection means hostile powers suffer a −2 penalty (−4 with a raise) to affect this character. If the power causes harm, damage is also reduced a like amount.
Skills Attribute Die
Fighting AGL D12+ 1
Athletics AGL D4
Battle SMA D6
Common SMA D6
Driving AGL D4
Electronics SMA D6
Intimidation SPI D6
American SMA D6
Notice SMA D6
Persuasion SPI D4
Piloting AGL D12
Psionics SMA D6
Repair SMA D8
Science SMA D4
Shooting AGL D12
Stealth AGL D8
Euro SMA D6
Techno-Can SMA D6
Spanish SMA D6
Hindrances Type Notes
Mutant Minor/Race Though they may pass as normal humans, Psi-Ghosts know they are Mutants and interact poorly in most social settings. Whether their identity is revealed or not, initial Reactions often start off Uncooperative due to their aloof nature and disregard for civil society.
Psi-Ghost Code Major/Race Even under pain of torture, Psi-Ghosts will not rat out each other to those who hunt them, nor will they betray the terms of a contract. Begin with the Vow (Major) Hindrance.
Wanted Major/Race Psi-Ghosts are pursued by many powerful groups—including the Coalition States and True Federation—who seek to either forcibly recruit them or, failing that, eliminate them before their abilities can be leveraged by rivals.
Arrogant Major Arrogant individuals look for the greatest threat in battle, hacking their way through lesser minions only because they’re in the way. She doesn’t think she’s the best—she knows she is..
Wanted by CS Major Stole UAR-1 from the CS. They want the robot back, and the perpetrator in custody, if not killed during apprehension.
Edges Notes
Ghosting See Special Power
Presence Sense Detect arcana always activates with the Presence Sense modifier at no additional cost or prerequisite.
Ace They ignore two points of penalties to any Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll, and may spend Bennies to Soak damage for any vehicle they control or command, using the appropriate Boating, Driving, or Piloting skill instead of Vigor. Each success and raise negates a Wound.
Robot Jock Robot vehicles are highly complex war machines which require a great deal of training to operate. Without this Edge, the operator suffers a −2 penalty to all skill rolls while piloting a robot vehicle.
Killing Machine While piloting a robot vehicle the ace gains the use, bonuses, and effects of all personal Combat Edges and associated maneuvers.
Live, Die, Repeat Gain a free reroll on the Death & Defeat Table, and halve all recovery times from the table.
Fast Healer +2 Vigor when rolling for natural healing; check every 3 days.
Counterattack Fighters with this Edge deal instant punishment for an enemy’s mistakes. Once per turn (if not Shaken or Stunned), the character receives a Free Attack (page 101) against one failed Fighting attack against him.
The counterattack takes place immediately (before other hits against the hero on the same Action Card, if any).
Trademark Weapon When using it, he adds +1 to his Athletics (throwing), Fighting, or Shooting rolls, and +1 to Parry when readied (even if it’s a ranged weapon)
Linguist Has 3 additional languages at d6.
Ambidextrous Your warrior is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. He ignores the Off-Hand penalty (see page 104).
If holding a weapon in each hand, Ambidextrous characters may stack Parry bonuses (if any) from both weapons.
Quick Quick characters have lightning-fast reflexes and a cool head. Whenever you are dealt an Action Card of Five or lower, you may discard it and draw again until you get a card higher than Five.
First Strike Once per round, as long as he’s not Shaken or Stunned, the hero gets a free Fighting attack against a foe immediately after he moves into Reach.
Rapid Fire The shooter is practiced at taking quick and accurate shots. As long as she’s armed with a fast-firing ranged weapon of some sort and has enough ammunition to do so, she may increase her weapon’s Rate of Fire by 1 for any one of her Shooting attacks that turn.
Two-Fisted If a character makes a Fighting attack with one action and another from a different hand in a later action, the second attack doesn’t inflict a Multi-Action penalty. The Off-Hand penalty still applies unless he’s Ambidextrous, however (page 104).
If the character has Two-Gun Kid, the second action may also be a ranged attack.
Block Through hard-fought experience your hero has learned to defend himself in vicious hand-to-hand combat. His Parry increases by +1 and any Gang Up bonus against him is reduced by one.
Two-Gun Kid Two-Gun Kid works just like Two-Fisted, but with ranged weapons, allowing her to fire or throw a weapon in each hand as two different actions but without triggering a Multi-Action penalty. If the character has Two-Fisted, the second action may also be a melee attack.

Name Count Location Description
NG S2 Pack 1 Pack See Book Description


Mononoke’s parents looked around, startled. “Where are we, Otōsan?” Mononoke’s mother asked. “I do not know, Oya, but I am sure the people on the other side of the glass will tell us.”

The Coalition State of Lone Star had been experimenting with a Rift generator- the only people that ever came through it were Mononoke’s parents, Oya and Otōsan. They were tested, but when it became clear that they were not only from Rift’s Earth, but from the current time in Japan, they were accepted. Scientists themselves they were integrated into Lone Star society.

Mononoke was raide in this society, as she was born into it. She became a gifted pilot from an early age, so gifted that she was sent to Chi-Town as a young teen. She was trained as a robot jock, and was a prodigy. She started going on missions in the wilderness, looking for camps and gatherings of opponents of the Coalition. It was here that everything changed.

Mononoke came across an injured wolf, who spoke to her psionically. The wolf’s name was Moro, and it told Mononoke of the forest, and its creatures, and of the damage done by humans. Mononoke swore a vow on Moro’s deathbed that she would protect the forests. After 2 years of training and working with Coalition strike teams she finally got her chance to fight back for the forests- a very small group of mostly inexperienced soldiers.

Mononoke turned on the group when they went after a Dragon-Cat, and she trapped them all in a cave, and then collapsed the entrance. She used a radio to let the Coalition know where they were, talked to the Dragon-Cat psionically, and took the stolen UAR-1 into the forest.

There are rumors that throughout the region formerly known as the American Southeast that there is a giant robot with a white wolf painted across it rescuing animals and terrorizing loggers and anyone that might harm the forests. This robot fights anyone doing harm to the natural order, be they from the Federation of Magic, the Coalition, or independent.



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