Beneficence “Benna” is a Psi-stalker, daughter of Baron Fairghen MacArawn. She has grown up mostly in the Barony of the Marchés of Keranaugh located in pre-Rifts Las Animas, Colorado, many shorten it just to Mar-Ker (pronounced mar CARE). Today Dunpurg Citadel has been built along El Purgatorio river. It is a smaller Barony but rich with bounty hunters and well know for their mercenaries.

Benna does not remember much about her mother as her father told her that she died when Benna was very little. Her father has kept a lot of his knowledge about her mother a secret from Benna. Most of what she has learned, which is not much, has been from the other bounty hunters. They always spoke very highly of her. Benna could tell that even their stories held some secrets that they were compelled to keep from Benna, most likely mandated by her father.

Benna grew up surrounded by rough characters and outlaws that had their own type of laws and codes. Benna was sort of the heart and inspiration of Dunpurg. Despite everybody always treating her so kindly, Benna never really felt that this life was for her. She strongly believes that the rifts have torn the world emotionally apart, and it needs time and good people to help it heal.

Benna is an expert marksman. Her abilities already rival her father’s. Baron MacArawn knows that it is not pure skill, there is something more she is doing with her budding psychic abilities. This is one of the reasons he has sent her away to Keegan O’Malley. He hopes he can train her to refine her abilities.

In spite of her father’s designs for her, Benna feels their is something more she will fain from Castle Refuge. She feels a strong pull to the castle. She can’t quite put her finger on it. But the castle and the people feel very familiar. It could possibly just be from her imaginations from reading her favorite stories of King Arthur and Camelot. But she feels that there might be something deeper. Possibly the castle holds secrets and answers about the mystery being kept from her about her mother. Or perhaps something else. Only time will tell.



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