The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Useful Contacts

Sir Shadow Broker,

Enjoy the embedded musical stylings of pre-cataclysm composers, compiled by Leah Brown, skip to minute 2:43 for the feel of our little group.

I have made several contacts, and we have fallen into a rhythm together. The informal offer of forming an Irregulars Strike Force (or so it’s called by the more formal dwarven elements in CR) is likely coming soon, and I expect the earnings to be following shortly after.

The Field Medic is very interested in Healing, Study, and the Arcane, and would be helpful if travelling off-world. The Berserker is interested in Technology, and Combat, but will honestly try anything once – Not to be trusted with delicate situations unless specifically guided. The Brain has an immense store of knowledge, both mundane and magical. He speaks deliberately, but each word is precisely placed. The Lawyer is freeflowing, values life and freedom, and will go out of his way to protect all sentient beings – sometimes from themselves. The MoonBoy is.. someone’s pet I think – he does have an uncanny intuition at times.

The Medic met me while stitching up the drunk for whom I was DD. We ended up sharing a booth and swapping stories. He was told of my gallant life as the Robin Hood to the Coalition’s King John, and of my courageous retreat when my crimes were discovered. His war stories were equally interesting.

The Brain got to know me while I lapsed back to my Bottle-Bottom-Spelunker. You know how I get when the anniversary comes around. I was the pilot for an expedition for him, and I may have let too much slip to him – he knows about my napsack.

The Berserker was in an expedition I was piloting, where she and I were the only survivors. She has a good head on her shoulders, despite being what she is.

The Lawyer saved me from a Coalition patrol way outside their borders. After telling him my story he felt I could be rehabilitated, so he released me after taking me into his custody. The Coalition troops weren’t happy, but their hands were tied.

The MoonBoy told me several things he couldn’t have known… And then he acted like he didn’t say anything. The others seem attached to him, so I see no problem pulling jobs with him – he’s definitely not useless.




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