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El Dorado Sham Negotiation


Dear Father,

Well, El Dorado has taken Treytown, and we, by the virtue of our group having the illustrious Keegan, have been called in to do a mediation to settle their surrender.

Now I am nervous about all of this! El Dorado is very anti D-Bee, and we are half non-human. Jonah Shrike, the leader of El Dorado, is rumored to have stolen the money to fund his kingdom from the Coalition States. El Dorado has been very secretive for the last 6 months outside of their propaganda. They have been actively spreading propaganda videos showing El Dorado as the new Eden, but of course showing only humans.

Since we are all nervous about this, I, along with Rex’ expert help, created some measures to at least give us some communication with the outside world- specifically with Castle Refuge. We have a press button radio communication with their communication center that is completely secure. We also created a pin that is a camera that will stream video of all of Keegan’s interactions with the two sides. The pin was again helped by Rex, and some sort of divine intervention.

Last I wrote, wait… oh, never sent the letter… I am sorry. We are facing a Mark V APC, straight out of your Coalition States nightmares. Interestingly enough, much of this particular one resembled the one that the group I learned of in school 50 years ago that left Stormspire to investigate a pre-Rifts robot medical center just outside New Orleans which didn’t find the center, but images look similar to this lab. Some sort of gene sequencer. Valdus confirmed that their was no alien influences in the making of the lab. To guard this the El Dorado brass had sent 10 grunts, a military specialist, a psi stalker with 4 dog boys, and a technical soldier that operates the lab. During the entire conversation with them and our group, ThorFrid somehow, despite being in the turret of the K-Dog the entire time, found enough self control to not shoot! I wonder if they have plans on experimenting on myself and the other D-Bees in the group? Especially because ThorFrid let us know that the Dog Boys all had scars and were somewhat neutered in their reactions….

Rex of course starts to chat up the technical soldier, making friends and laying ground work, as he does so well.

So El Dorado asked for Keegan to accompany them to negotiate the surrender of Treytown. We asked for documents for Keegan to review, and of course they were all El Dorado’s point of view. Their story was that Treytown had made an aggressive move, and El Dorado attacked. The documents were signed off by Shrike. They were leading us to El Dorado, or so they said. We followed them to the designated point, and found….

A sham. This town was built by someone who studied pre-Rifts movies- very carefully presented to be real, but of no substance. The square itself was strange, made up of perfectly square stones, exactly 1 mile square, and each square all had Republic of El Dorado logos, each made within the last 6 months.

Keegan heads up to the stage, accompanied by Velma and Valdus. Keegan had on an amazing ensemble, and played his bagpipes on his entry. Some guy named Firth, who was attached to the Judge Corp, interrupted his beautiful music to introduce himself. The good news is that Firth gets a sound engineer to fly in for Keegan’s music. Firth was a bit of a racist, but that I am used to. I shot my Economy Sized Slingshot of Improved Capability at Keegan despite the fact that Jad stood in front of the shot trying to block it- I was hoping to increase Keegan’s ability to persuade his audience. I felt an extremely large boost of energy- Valdus let us know that there was a nexus underground. Keegan played beautiful music on his way up, and I made sure that Jad was wearing his Fenrir cap.

“Greetings people of El Dorado. I am Keegan, here on behalf of the judge corp. I am here to settle the surrender of Treytown. It has been agreed that all parties will abide my judgement, and that judgement will be final. This will take a number of days.”

The Treytown delegation clapped, while the El Dorado group sat there, looking shocked. Keegan played his music well on the way back down.

Keegan made a schedule, and gave it to Firth, the local assistant sent by the judge corp to assist. He was truly enthusiastic, a little annoyingly so.

While this was happening, ThorFrid and Valdus see Jad talking to someone ethereal, which didn’t seem to faze anyone. The shimmer fades away, while ThorFrid insisted later that the ethereal person has control of the Bifrost.

The El Dorado group set up tents for us in the square. The illustrious Judge, Keegan, put into a tent- what an insult.

I decide to see what the boundary was like outside of this sham town, so I get on my hoverboard and yell to Keegan, “See you later,” and to ThorFrid, cover me. Suddenly a Samas pops out of nowhere! “Return to the square,” and I quickly do, calling a group meeting in the K-Dog, our vehicle.

“They are never going to let us leave here,” I say, and ThorFrid shares that she agrees. “I would prefer to stay and let Keegan give his judgement.” With that a knock on the K-Dog hatch interrupts. It is Firth.

Valdus answers, and orders Firth to strip, at ThorFrid’s gunpoint. Valdus gets ready to give him a probing, snapping on a glove.

Firth pleads with Keegan, “Is this necessary? You know me!” Keegan agrees that he is trustworthy, and then Jad tries to take Firth “hostage”. Firth runs behind Keegan.

“You are in danger!” Firth exclaims. “You are being filmed for a propaganda film. Either you agree with RED (Republic of El Dorado) and they say that the Judge Corp agrees with the expansion of RED, or if you disagree they will slant it that the Judge Corp is against all people and corrupt.”

The good news is that the whole time we were still video streaming the whole interchange, from the beginning.

Keegan gets on the radio, and calls out to Judge Bob Loblaw, the legendary Judge, the details of what is happening. Keegan receives a signal back that the message was received through his law book. “Your supplication has been received.”

Firth promises to look around and report back any more information. Jad tries to follow him, stealthily. ThorFrid goes back up to the turret to see what she can see, and sees Docent Ben talking to Jad! “Man, splitting you 12 ways really messed your brain,” Ben said to Jad before disappearing, after Jad promised he was watching. All this she told me later.

Thorfrid tried to find the likely spots for other Samas, and I figure out that there are probably soldiers protecting their positions. I announce to the group that we should prepare for a fight.

Hopefully our help comes before our deaths….



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from Megadeth.





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