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Turag Makes Some Friends

We're Going to be Friends

Dear Father,

I am settling into life here at Castle Refuge. It is a far cry from Stormspire, but I really like the rawness of it! The place, while filled with none of the culture of home, is filled with a current of hope that is contagious and exhilarating!

I have been on quite a few mapping expeditions- the leaders of the Castle are interested in finding out more about the world around them.

I met a disinterested human pilot named Rex that seems more interested in remembering whatever is in his beer mug than interacting with others. He is a great pilot though, skilled with aircraft. There was a crazy woman named ThorFrid who loves Vikings, fighting, and insanity- she makes me feel younger. Speaking of feeling younger, nothing will make you feel alive like spending some time with Keegan O’Malley! This dwarf is literally a ball of life- always having fun, even in the face of danger. Let me relate a short example.

Keegan and I, along with a small group of others, were on a mapping expedition near the Coalition controlled area of Fort El Dorado when we were alerted by a scout that there was a group of hostiles in a camp close by. Keegan, who is a judge, myself, and 2 others went to investigate. Long story short, they were wanted, and we, mostly Keegan, with a lucky jericho bomb from me, and 15 ruffians were arrested and taken to Castle Refuge. We then drank the night away celebrating- he is fun, even if he plays animal skin pipes, which he calls bagpipes, horribly.

Another whom I cannot figure out is a human named Jad, who carries around a knee from a power armor suit that he insists is a stool, and loves strange old pre-cataclysm music he calls “show tunes”. He does notice things others do not, and can be valuable, but he is odd.

Another friend I made is an Atlantean Mind Mage named Valdus. He is an enormously generous soul, always looking to help others. He is a healer by trade. but told me a story from his past where he got incredibly lucky and miraculously saved an Atlantean princess by killing a Splugorth Slaver with one shot! He feels that he will never ever measure up to that moment, and just tries to help people. He is the gentlest soul, and I truly feel comfortable with him. He is a perfect example of the hope that is pervasive here at Castle Refuge, and why I love it here.

I will write you soon- hope you are well!




Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs, usually the subtitle of the log. This one is from the White Stripes.





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