The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Turag Gets In Touch With His Feminine Side

Baby It's Cold Outside


I am quite changed- your son is a girl with a short neck! I now am the protector and healer for the Fenrir Irregulars, and I am armored with copper. There is a lot to catch up on- let me try and sum up.

We are in a different realm, again! This one is all winter, and the home of Saint Nicholas- yes, the Santa Clause. I did not ask why Santa is a Clause, but he is good and on our side! We got here by following a monster called Krampus. Nick, as he likes to be called, tells us that the realm has been taken over by this monster, and the realm is within a dome. The Krampus thing is located in the center of the realm, and Nick gives us each an object to help defeat the monster. For “reasons” Nick cannot attack Krampus, but he can help us defeat him by giving us these items. Sister Rebecca got a veil, I got a copper rod, Keegan got a giant sword hilt, Benna got a crown of flowers, and ThorFrid got a foot long black and white rod.

We had to “activate” these items, as it seems that there was interference from Krampus. Nick, before we were leaving, said some nice things about Benna’s mom, but did at least say that we should not trust her. Nick had a magic cabin, of course, and after a short conversation, with some good alcohol, we rested well. Surprisingly, as we leaving, ThorFrid was no longer depressed! It seems that the rod, or the environment of the realm, cheered her up.

So, Sister Rebecca’s item’s recharge point was the first goal, and as we went toward the spot we were attacked by Frost Goblins! They are far nastier than they sound, but we defeated them through teamwork. One thing I should mention- I was hurt significantly, but Sister Rebecca healed me, almost miraculously. We may not agree often, but she is a valuable teammate, and is an asset that cannot be denied. So we recharged the veil, and suddenly Rebecca was floating in the lotus position, as if she were some sort of prophetess or seer! She is now able to communicate with all of us telepathically, and each of us were able to do the same with each other! Perhaps most importantly she could now teleport herself, and others!

The next item was my own, and it transformed me- my neck shrank to human size! My skin became smooth and metallic copper, and became a copper nun! Yes, I changed into a woman! I sure hope this is temporary. I gained healing powers and the ability to deflect ranged attacks.

The next one was Keegan who gained a giant 2 hand sword! On our way to the next recharge point we were attacked not only by more Frost Goblins, but 2 Frost Demons! However they were no match for Keegan (who took two demons down in two swings), and the rest of us. Benna gained the ability to become 3 people! That may get confusing, especially for the enemy! She was now very pretty with a white gown, quite a change from her leather traveling gear. She also gained a flame throwing ability!

We moved on finally to ThorFrid. and what a surprise this one was! I thought my transformation was severe, but nothing prepared us for this! ThorFrid became a 24’ long giant black and white Dragon! Yes, a dragon!

I hate to think how awful this Krampus truly is if we need all of these things to defeat it in this winter dome! It is truly cold here, my breasts are getting icy- this place is getting to me.



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from Glee- what can I say, I love Chris Colfer’s voice


Baby It’s Cold Outside




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