The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Report No. 14523 (excerpt)

Erin really seems to have outdone herself this time. There are even more groups of irregulars moving around than in the past, and mostly seem to link back to a single group of irregulars by the name of Fenrir of all things. And yes, before you ask, they have wolf iconography linked to them. Most recently they have been noticed in and around Castle Refuge, even meeting with Erin herself at one point.

If I didn’t know better, I might think that they are linked to the Cabal. It’s a good thing we have all of them locked down in Canada currently. If they can’t get the key, then all of their efforts are for naught. I’m not sure how they ever planned to get it to England, but you never really know with that group of misguided, misbegotten misfits.

One of our information sources recently dried up when Fenrir purchased the embrace. I am still working on getting a new owned plot of land so I can work around the proscriptions, but I’m having trouble. Not your fault, of course, as I am the person on site, but just wanted to let you know why some of our information is currently sketchy. Also, we have confirmed that the Shadow Broker was in Refuge City. He was seen challenging another dragon, and yes, I am sure now that the Broker is indeed a dragon.

Speaking of dragons, Tyrania has rejoined society. This is why I mentioned that Fenrir couldn’t be part of the Cabal. She was seen in their group and has moved into the mansion gifted them by Graff Rex. If they have joined with the Wyrm, then there is no way either the Cabal or our faction will be able to swing them into our employ. The dragons are, as you know, very jealous of their agents.

You were right, of course. Again. You probably never get tired of me saying that. Storm season was just delayed this year, and not ended as I had assumed. We’ll see where…



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