The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Maybe she isn't as Crazy as we think...JK

ThorFrid JarlsDóttir was born in the UP, more widely known as Northern Michigan, in a slum suburb of Ishpeming. The locals still use the colloquial term of UP to refer to there isolated region, only outsiders us the term Northern Michigan. Her Family are long descendants of Swedes, Norse and Finns. At the time of the Apocalypse, a good portion were convinced that Ragnarok was upon them. Some felt it was because they long ago abandoned their beliefs in the Old Ones. Others just felt it was an inevitable outcome, as predicted by the ancient Mythology. Regardless, a massive majority returned to worship these long dead deities, in hopes they might return. They’ve even gone back to the old way of Norse naming traditions.

Having been born so long after, ThorFrid only knows the now. Now is a harsh life for those that are not the elite of Northern Gun or the Imperium. You can try to eek out a life doing this, that or whatever. A life in the NG factories is short lived, as production means more than workers lives.

ThorFrid was destined for this life, but she had visions of a better path. Maybe she was fueled by Grand-Pop-Pops strange stories of the Ancient ones from the real old world (especially the Valkyries, she would always be one in make believe) or maybe she saw what the rest of her family went through just to please the NG masters and the ultimate masters the CS. ThorFrid likened them all to the Jotun in Pop-Pops stories.

As time was approaching for her to become a part of the slavish masses, she balked at the idea, too much rebellion in her blood most surmised. There was not much a lowly urchin like her could hope for. A rare opportunity did present itself. Once in a blue moon, NG offered folk a chance to “Become part of the Great Force against all evil” and be part of experimental augmentation programs. These weren’t usually very successful. It was mostly a program to get massive volunteers as sacrificial lambs for the advancements in the current augmentation programs. She dived head first into the opportunity and through random lot was chosen for the MOM program. Her family wasn’t pleased, but knew any chance like this could not be passed up.

Her implantation was a complete success. It took some time for her to heal and adjust, but this was rapid, especially with a newer advanced healing implant used on her. The program controllers initially liked the progress there subject was making, but something very wrong was brewing just under the surface.

While she was under the extreme chemically induced state for the implantation process, she (mis)interpreted all the lights and figures as Jotun coming to invade Midgard. She also kept hearing a strange disembodied voice, that was just under the volume of the medical staff around her. This and her childhood dreams of being a Valkyrie really influenced her new perspective on life. As this particular side-effect came out, the controllers wrote it off as another psychosis of the process.

When the trials came near to an end, ThorFrid overheard some of the controllers discussing the final disposition of the survivors. It was a grim prospect for them all, they were to be terminated as all test subjects should be. She was having none of this. She tried to warn the others, but they were all stuck in their own custom realms and didn’t head her warnings. Something else strange, for the most part she and the others were kept separate, but when they were int eh same area for testing and training, she continued to here that disembodied voice just under the noise levels around her.

The day of the last trial, she knew she had to escape, but she just did not have a solid plan, of course why should that stop a Crazy from doing anything. Half way though the testing, she saw an opportunity and took it. A slight deviation in the virtual program revealed an exit of some kind, she seized it, pus the voice seemed to be almost audible and it was just screaming RUN. She bolted out the egress and soon was in an unfamiliar portion of the facility. Klaxens were sound right away and Heavily armored guards were approaching quickly. She surveyed her surrounds and saw what looked like an Angel, but to her was a Valkyrie (Emergency exit signs with basic figures on them) and she knew the route she had to take. She just ran, following the Valkyrie every step of the way. Several Armored guards were along the path, but she was able to subdue them easily and even took some of there basic stun weapons. At one point a more senior guard pulled out a strange remote and pressed a button as she approached. She felt a sharp zap in the back of her neck, but was too focused and ignored it. Ironically, the fail-safe mechanism, failed in her. The guards were stunned and tried to react to the failure. The pain seemed to push her past her breaking point and she just lost it. Before she was content with just knocking them out of the way, but now, any in her way meet an untimely end. She soon found the end of the path, a large bright yellow glowing door with a huge Valkyrie emblazoned on the face. She burst through it and into the UP wilderness…

She never looked back. She made her way down south and joined up with the Vanir in the land of Vanaheim (Kingdom of Magic). When the Jotun attacks started to become more prevalent, she heard of the exploits of a large group of folk at Castle Refuge and made here way there. It sounded like a real Svartalfheim to her.

She hangs out at or near the Irregulars job board and bar. She is always looking to glom onto any job that anyone goes on, no matter how mundane…it’s better then just sitting around. She has gone on several jobs with Keegan, Jad, Rex, Turag & Valdus. She meet every one of them at the Irregulars bar and grill. The “jobs” she has engaged in with each of them have been the most successful. Extremely so, if engaging with more than one of them.

“So, how do you like my story so far…just make sure you don’t fall for Loki’s tricks in the story line…He’s always trying to trip me up…”



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