The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 77: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: En-route from the Town of Flowder back to Castle Refuge

Time of Year: Spring

QOTD (Quote of the Day): “I would’ve gotten away with it to if it weren’t for those meddling kids.”

The last couple of days reminded me that Black Market vid of old fashion picture animation, Scooby Doo. Rex was nice enough to show me and let me borrow the mini-disc (or MD) he had it on. Well, I have been waiting for this tattoo Velma gave me to heal and if I’ve designed it right I should be able to rewind time in a certain area.

The morning after they caught the thief I asked the Mayor of Flowder to gather every single person still injured in the main tent. Most of my friends and town hunters were off handling a dinosaur raid, and Velma was sleeping. I was really trying to avoid anyone seeing what I was about to attempt. I had seen one of my teachers do this during my schooling when I was there. Mainly because it might not work, however, if it did then the workforce that could help Turag would be the whole town!

I had everyone gather in a circle and hold hands with one person touching me to create a living circuit. I was wearing my armor like I do most days given how potentially hazardous living in the wilderness can be. I activated my Firebrand Blade tattoo by clasping my hands together so someone wouldn’t notice me touch it for the activation of the power. Drawing my hands back from each other made it looks as though I was summoning a glowing, green sword of eldritch energy! I used it to cut my hand so my blood was exposed and dismissed the blade. When it disappeared the blade shatters like fractured crystal only the sound is a crystalline wind chime being blown. As the broken pieces of green, glowing, crystal hit the ground they disappear like dew in the morning.

The blood on my hand gets red hot, steams, then glows before disappearing and my hand shows no wound. A green and red jolt of light shoot through and around all those in the living circuit with small flashes of light as the power healed each and every member of the town! Cheers went up as everyone realized what had happened to them and the Mayor was stunned as the townsfolk were whole once again. I was happy no I cared about was here to corroborate this story. Then I turned around to leave only to see Turag standing there with their mouth agape.


The look in their eyes told me they had seen everything, someone could pass on what had happened here. All I was hoping as I walked passed them saying I need rest was that they didn’t see my eyes. Saving this town would not erase what I had seen or done on Copernicus-5, but maybe I could push the nightmares back for a time. They said in his calming, even subtly metronome styled, voice that they were going to offer to help. They never really finished the sentence looking at the signs of a mass healing on a scale they could not reach. I knew if I attempted it again I might die.

My soul was worn out, but my heart beat a little smoother.

I climbed into my bunk on the K-Dog Zone Ranger ATV. I never brought up what I did to anyone I don’t need praise or wish for it. All this was doing was making up for: Ascallon, New Tyrin, Cloud Aeris, and every other town we lost fighting to prevent the Kreeghor from taking another world from the Free World Council. I can’t help but fear for Copernicus-5 in my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep then. We stopped the invasion, but for how long?

Upon awakening I never told Turag not to talk to anyone about the healing, I just never spoke about it again. Sure enough people were going about their days and my hope that such a miracle was taken for granted appear to be happening. This was especially helped by the news the the current Mayor and her husband used the storm to murder the old mayor. Keegan is wily as he is shrewd in his investigations. Even when justice was done he sentenced the thief (daughter of the old mayor) to community service as the intern mayor until elections could be held in 6 months.

During the few days that investigation took, Thorfrid, made a pass at Velma, and when she confronted me about it I said she had great taste because Velma was the hottest woman I personally knew of. This got me another full on kiss before she went to bed. The following day we had our first fight.

I had tried to provide her some extra credits to take Thorfrid out on a date, working on my assumptions this was whom the perfume was for. What really surprised me was how happy I was that two people found each other in this screwed up world. Velma’s reaction to me was alarming to say the least. It appears I have not noticed her hitting on me with those kisses or trying to talk me up all the time. We were alone but she reared back and punched toward my face. I just stood there and waited for it. Part of me wanted her to hit me.

Over and over and over and over and over and over till I was no more. If I was dead the nightmares would stop, even having missed them doing good deeds in Flowder I knew they were not gone. Like the Kreeghor they were lying in wait till a chink in the armor would reveal itself. I don’t think she was prepared for the sneer on my face when she failed to grant my wish. She stopped an inch away from my face.

Coward. I don’t really know if that word is directed at her, myself, or both.

I had been staying away (since everyone was healed) and even slept one night outside. What I have told no one is those douche bags the Docents were still tracking us. The asshat know as Docent Ben (whom I have affectionately called, Douche), found me alone and I had had enough of his crap. I pointed one hand at him and the other at my own head with both hands crackling with green glowing psychic rage! I told him I would end my own life before letting the fucking Curator enslave me! I told him I’m not special and no one would miss me, my group would just hire another Mind Melter. This tactic caught him off guard enough he left.

Coward. This is mostly directed at Ben for not forcing my hand.

When Velma found me later I never told her about my encounter with the Docent because I was hoping he might come back to finish it. I also didn’t want to compromise her feelings for me and risk loosing her again. I was basically told I was a dunce for not noticing and that she liked me. When I asked, not suggested, but asked if that meant we needed to move in together she began yelling about romance and storming off. I yelled after her schooling didn’t leave a lot of time for that.

It’s not like I’m a virgin. In my 20’s and 40’s I had a few relationships but all of them were merely just sex friends because our training took up so much time we might have and hour in two weeks to scratch that itch. So when we’d meet up we knew why we were there and did not waste time with foreplay or romance. Buying little gifts because you thought one of your partners was exceptionally good was common, but rarely led further. I had two partners: Tavas and Zora that just liked to cuddle naked and we never did anything else. We’d often steal away to the waterfalls of Capo on Alexandria’s southern continent and frolic naked under the summer sky. Using a portable teleporter to return us back to the nearest pyramid we’d head back to our schools thinking about our next visits in winter.

The ride back was quiet as I never once attempted to make eye contact with Velma. She should not want anything to do with me. Especially when she finds out I lied about medical school.




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