The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 76: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Town of Lowry
Time of Year: Spring

I’ve had the most amazing time. There was a job on the work board for mercenaries or ‘Irregulars’ as we’re called at the Embrace about helping to rebuild a town. With the threat of Docents and the ass hat they call the Curator invasive slaving people to his collection via subatomic temporal energy signatures. Well, I think everyone wanted some kind of a change of pace. The pay was good to and I would have the chance to build as oppose to destroy.

Velma has taken the news regarding the temporal tether well. Her face lit up when I told her I was going to figure out a way to remove it. She went on and on about how I think nothing is impossible and that I am saving her again. I tried to explain that I hadn’t done it yet but she just hugged me and I relented because, well, she’s a princess to the most powerful clan among our people. It took discipline to not react in-any-way when my nose got pressed into her neck.

I did not realize she wore perfume, but I shouldn’t be surprised given Refuge City is always growing around the Castle. I made sure she had plenty of operating funds, I should not be surprised she found someone she wants to smell good for. That person must be lucky indeed, ugh I think I’m jealous. What stunned me was finding out she was being trained in the arts because she was to become one of those among our people that could pass on magic tattoos! If I let anything happen to her my own family would disown me!

Then I found out her clan clearly knows where we are when she said she found a care package full of supplies to perform tattoos! She gave me one I have been waiting to heal so I can put to use mystical sight. If my research is correct and the sigils in the eye of the pyramid work. I’ll be able to have another way to see time.

So enough of that, she’s taken to practice singing at nights and the town loves her for it. Turag had set about to re-engineering the town and Jad is off somewhere but I don’t think the Curator cares because he does not have any toys collected for their self. Keegan, our Cyber Knight judge set about investigating concerns about looting. Thorfrid was off hunting for food, while Rex was our liaison for the town.

I was able to heal two grievous injuries from the Ley Line Storm each day, and then I was mostly spent resting to recover the energy to heal again. So far I have taken six people facing life altering injuries and they are up, and active as though mother nature never laid a hand upon them. Now when I wander this wrecked town I see smiles and not crying. Using the medical training I treated a number of smaller ailments and been able to manufacture some compound remedies for people to reduce various inflammations so their bodies could begin healing on their own.

Rex was approached by the town’s mayor and they could not believe how much we were actually helping. Apparently some groups of Irregulars just do the minimum and try and milk these people! That’s horrible to exploit people that have no choice, they better pray I don’t find disaster profiteers.

Keegan had a lead tonight about some looters and I was able to make my first temporal excursion. Taking a small amount of energy I was able to rewind time in the house and see the robber come and go! As though that was not amazing enough I was able to make use of my mental powers to allow Keegan to see what I saw! Today was the first time I was able to control “How” and “When” I perceive my immediate surroundings. I suspect I will be involved in more investigations if I can remote view the past and see what one could see had they been there.

Interesting indeed

The pathology implications for diagnosing ailments! It makes me revisit how healing powers function on a metaphysical level. Do they rewind the wound in time or fix it in the present? All the questions!




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