The Irregulars Savage Rifts

Journal 73: Dr. Valdus Aria

Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Castle Refuge

Time of Year: Spring

Castle Refuge is great, and I just managed to acquire Velma and I single bedroom suite. She seemed pretty excited until it came time for bed and something I said had her in a huff. I frankly don’t understand her sometimes, she is an amazing warrior but if she wanted to marry me why did she smuggle me out of the Aerihman Clan compound? I have signed on to help out various Irregular mercenary units as a healer / doctor. Our contract with the Castle makes Velma and I a pair deal. Three different teams tried to recruit her walking out of the housing authority’s office. The energy and hope that this world can be saved.

Within two weeks we were on our first mapping mission to get a working knowledge of the ley lines surrounding Castle Refuge. We were attacked by a Coalition SAMAS scouting pair. Velma helped to take one down and our team leader had his leg taken off. I about wasted all of my power to re-attach his leg! Word about this spread quickly once we returned and I have only became blustered as Velma took every opportunity to tell about the time I first met her. I hated when people would ask me if it was true and I had to say, “It was a lucky shot.”

After all, “How Do You Top That?”

Just so I have it written somewhere. Here is the tail from my perspective. ~

I was wearing the custom emerald green Urban Warrior armor with techno-wizard enchanted silver abalone trim from my cousin back on Alexandria when they found out where I was headed. I had just stepped out from the open rifts and saw a D-Bee village on this rocky island. It was raining and the island was being pounded by waves. I looked around at the rocky island as I was dripping wet with water from the rain and the spray of the sea crashing against the shore. The sound of creatures I had been told later were Horune pirates echoed behind me. Apparently I had found some group’s base, only I didn’t completely understand how or where my location was beyond Earth. Running in the direction I could feel the ley line I saw the edge with the waves receding. Peaking over the edge I could see the blue glow of the ley line from the cliff’s edge. I checked the straps on my pack and took a running leap off the cliff! Laser fire nearly missing him from the pirates as I fell into the rocks and waves crashing back in swallowing me whole! Just before I phased into the ley line I managed to stretch my arm above the waves to share my middle finger before vanishing in a flash of blue light.

To be fair I was prone to run from fights rather than towards therm. The single and only caveat to that was seeing someone injured. I will always deny the notion of bravery as stupid, vain, and glory seeking. Hippocrates was descended from True Atlanteans and I can count him among my ancestors. Some kind of Great-Great-Great-Grand-Uncle or some such thing. If you see me involved in a combat of any kind it is just me upholding my oath as a doctor to render aid when possible. If my team goes in then my team will come home come the Hells or high water!

Over the next few hours I appeared at a hidden True Atlantean outpost located near the eastern coast of what was once Argentina. The place appeared to be in shambles as though a number of explosions happened. As quietly as I could move through the wreckage trying to find clues and ascertain what had happened. No more than 20 people occupied this outpost at any one point for the Aerihman clan, and most of them would have been out on patrol. The four bodies I’d come across were clearly True Atlantean and very dead.

A noise caught my attention and I inched over to a shattered wall, only to spot a creature of horror and nightmares, a lone Splugorth Slaver! Simply seeing one for real was horrifying and time seemed to freeze me in his tracks. When my wits returned I realized it was coming closer! Then I caught sight of the motivation for the moment I can’t live down. An injured Undead Hunter! Around her injured body was six other women in what appeared to be skin tight, black rubber, bathing suits with steel helmets that completely covered their heads! The Splugorth Slavers were a feared foe and this warrior had held off the other assailants which would ride on the slaver’s hovering platform. Now it was just down to the injured Undead Hunter and the Splugorth Slaver that appeared unharmed.

I knew I had to do something, so she could help inform the other outposts to prevent a larger incursion. Knowing this might mean the end me. If I died saving a kinsman then there was no greater way to honor my oath of saving lives than this. Until this moment I had never really stood my ground like a warrior. Looking at the encounter from over a wall I saw Velma was on the ground as her helmet had been blasted off her head! “Buy her time to run, that’s all I have to do and then flee,” I repeated over and over as though saying it over and over would calm me with a makeshift mantra, more than making plans of attack.

Checking my straps and looking at the pocket where I kept my credits. Sighing that he hadn’t even had a good reason to spend them, “Well, Hades. Here goes nothing.”

Screaming as loud as I could to gets its attention my lanky butt jumped over the busted wall and with my left hand I fired four blasts of green, glowing, mega-psionic energy at the guns on the platform. The words I’d been screaming were not some glorious battle cry but “RUN! RUN! NOW! THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO RUN FOR COVER!” Before I even see how successful my volley had been I’d fired a second mega-psionic blast straight at the Splugorth Slaver! Velma told me how my blasts had taken out and destroyed the guns mounted on the floating platform! She saw my second blast hit and cause the Splugorth Slaver to EXPLODE!

The wrecked floating platform and slaver’s carcass fell the 10 feet into the ground under the echoing thunder of the blast! I was stunned in shock at what I had done. These were my kin’s eternal enemies, and I had supposedly just done something heroic. I was stunned looking at my hands until I heard, “Help? Please!”

Snapping my head and turning to run to the warrior on the ground, under my breath gasping stupidly at how attractive she was, even covered in blood and dirt. The blood snapped me out of it and my training kicked in, I splinted her leg, helping Velma the Undead Hunter to her feet. All the while exclaiming and pointing back to the eviscerated slaver, “We gotta get out of here before someone realizes I did that!”

2nd Ley Line Mapping Expidition: I had met a member of the Trimadore people on this expedition, Turag was his name. I did my job as a healer well enough and Velma made sure I stayed out of harms way. Turag and I spent a great deal of time talking and he is a wonderfully calming sort. A Techno-Wizard by trade and I feel we’ll be going on many more jobs together. He may be my first friend on this world, but I can’t wait to make more.




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