The Irregulars Savage Rifts


Mr. Broker, see below: Continued Observance of the Group; serial 4.

Irregulars awoke to an Ostrosaurus’s roar. Rex removed its leg by way of his gun. He, Keegan, and Thorfrid gathered the other carcasses, two of which were single-handed works by ThorFrid as detailed in C.O.G.s.3. Meanwhile, Valdus healed all of the town’s infirmities. (Further directed observance of this subject is recorded in Priority V.) Keegan went back to bed.

Turag led the villagers in their repairs. Rex offered managerial oversight in the shade while drinking lemonade made by a previously injured villager. Velma raised the morale of the workers by dancing for those on break. Several villagers seemed to have been allotted several hours worth of break. The work finished appeared to be what was originally estimated for 2 days’ work.

The supposed ‘temporal hobo’ Jad appeared after the day’s work was finished, ravenous and carrying ancient intoxicants not available for purchase in the area for several centuries. Valdus emerged from the K-Dawg, recuperated from his healing act. Keegan, surly and tired, was revived by the prospect of Jad’s intoxicants, and started his day off with an Irish Breakfast, as supposed ‘contemporaries’ of Jad might have called it.

The Day Crew slept, while Jad, Valdus, ThorFrid, and Keegan caught the criminal detailed in C.O.G.s.3. Name: Robyn Hood. By reports, assumed to be a part of the phenomenon previously labelled as “Robin Hood’s Reincarnations” by historian Malkin Falimeade. The capture was made possible by Turag’s tinkerings. (Further directed observance of this subject is recorded in Priority T.) Keegan’s interrogation of the prisoner was postponed until evening the following day.

Rex became enamored with Robyn Hood, and seems to have expedited previous plans to establish a Black Market bazaar in the town in order to impress her. He approached Mayor Sharon Freestone, who seemed to be similar to Rex in legal proclivities. His distrust of her was spurred by Robyn’s distrust. As such, she was not made aware of Black Market activities in the bazaar and quartermaster’s store.

Turag’s repairs duplicated the previous days’ successes, with help from Valdus and ThorFrid.

Rex enlisted Turag to organize the Quartermaster’s Store. Turag’s crew built a storehouse on the back of an abandoned shack on the town’s main road.
Rex notified Keegan of his intentions, both with Robyn and the store. Keegan said he would not hinder Rex’s attempts to uncover gossip or recover stolen items, but he would not help.

After she tried to shoo Keegan away from the trial, Mayor Freestone was detained under suspicion. Shortly thereafter Rex uncovered the plot between the Mayor and her husband Mason to murder the previous mayor and assume control of the city’s government.
After a brief interrogation, the mayor and her husband were detained permanently, and Robyn was released.

Partying carried into the night.

Turag and his crew finished the work by noon, at which time he stumbled upon Rex attempting to embezzle the profits of the Quartermaster’s Shop. After an expertly maneuvered charismatic riposte, Turag help Rex fix the books. Their efforts take the rest of the day, as well as most of the next morning.

The villagers held a party for the departing Irregulars, and Keegan detailed the kinds of Community Service that he sentenced Robyn Hood with, and announced his suggestion for interim mayor.

I notified Rex his job was not available per instructions. The group started their trip home.
Before arriving in Castle Refuge, the Irregulars were stopped by the militia of the Republic of El Dorado.

End Report: C.O.G.s.4




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