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Journal 85: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Nearly back to the surface of Earth Prime from the Inner Plane

Time of Year: “May 9th”

We are one day out from arriving back home but still have no way to communicate, though, I think many people would think even on this world that we were pulling their tails. Literally in some cases, ha!

We know were going to be arriving in or very close to Castle Refuge and its town. Whom would guess what mystical wonders lurk in the bowels of Earth Prime? It was nice to know I joined a small group of Atlanteans that have traveled to its center. That leaf from the Millenium Tree makes an amazing pillow. Not trying to be flippant but it needs a month to charge up before it can unleash its most awesome power and then I can use it normally for the rest of the year before charging it up once more.

Resurrection or the Universe’s Ultimate Defibrillator!

I want some R&R when we get home, this place is as crazy as Center in the Three Galaxies! Those in the know will get it, those that don’t I can’t help your lack of reference.

I am hoping Velma and the dog are fine, I’ll radio her to bring the K-Dog back since she has access to magic she can drive it.

More if I live.


Does Intelligence = Arrogance?


I’m kickin around with these super cool dudes, non-Avalonians, but cool anyway. Anywho man, I am goin with these guys, and I totally came across Jerry. He was taking back the Southerly Lodestone A-717 to the nexus – it was stolen by a friggin necromancer dragon! Super crazy. I heard that Steve checked the dragon’s lair out, and it was totally destroyed by the dudes I’m goin with. So Jerry was with a few others, and the guys I’m with chased them down, full-on destroyed the dragon harness, and took the stone back without even wondering why the guys were taking it in the first place. They were totally skeeved by Jerry, who showed his skull. I mean its not pretty an all, but its totally not cool. So they said they didn’t want anyone to keep any secrets from anyone, then they went off onto their own airship… well the airship I got for them. Wait, why didn’t I go over there? It was my ship anyway. Jerks! So yeah, they talked for a bit, and let the guys go after finding out about our mission. First they wanted to take it to that foreigner, Silas. Remember, the guy that was disguised as.. yeah, you know who I’m talkin about. So he took a piece from the lodestone, super smooth like, and then gave it back to me. The guys agreed to come with me to deliver the lodestone, since it was a long way, and they were super interested in seeing Avladrassil. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem for them to sleep in the embassy, you know the one super far away from the foot of the tree? Well they insisted on goin to the tree and I was worried, but I got a sage and he said it was ok. So they slept at the foot of Avladrassil, and I just stood watch, cuz I didn’t want anything to happen – to them or the tree! They got up eventually, some of them looked like they were talking or petting their toys in their sleep – weird, but ok dude – and they got gifts from Avladrassil. I totally thought that only true Avalonians got gifts! None of the Lizard dudes have gotten gifts before! Well maybe its because we don’t let them get past the borders, but still. So this crazy chick went and excreted waste all over the roots of Avladrassil. I was totally pissed. I went over to her and was just like “Hey, what’re you doing? Can you not?” and she was all rude and blew me off, so I swung my big ol swords at her, and the short dude that got a – I am not joking – living topiary went and stopped me. he just stood between me and the crazy chick and stopped my swings. it takes a lot to stop me, you know that! especially when i’m just pissed off. then the topiary kicked dirt over the waste and hopped back up on the short dude’s shoulder. I didn’t know what to say so I just walked away. They talked about a bunch of stuff, and then I agreed to take the guys back to Silas. It sounded like they were done and were goin to go home, so I started off toward Imit Veruno. The slow dude called me back and said that the itty bitty chick was taken, and they were trying to find her, and there was something goin on. I ran back to the slow short dude with the baby topiary, and yelled at the crazy chick to hurry. she seemed super slow, like she had a bad batch of BP Bones or something. so we got there and the itty bitty chick was in the center of this trippy glowing circle thing. the slow dude and the broody dude were shooting at it, but the short dude and I just ran in to save her. and then we were just yanked through a rift. I thought I was going to lose my bones. it was messed up. so we got to this weird chamber place and stuff was bein said about “Kody Stash Marooned” or something. I heard them talking about it and that we were in a “no win” situation, so I took the short dude and we went to find a control panel that would work cuz the slow dude said theres nothing we can do, and were gonna die, after messing with the control panel in the rift room. then the slow dude and the broody dude yelled at me and the short dude because we were going to kill them, even though they said there’s nothing we can do and we’re gonna die anyway. so we went back and they were just sitting there talking about how theres nothing to do and we’re gonna die, and the broody dude’s eyes went all green, and a new eye opened on his forehead and was shooting out green light and stuff and I thought he was gonna die – or I chewed through a bad batch of toenails – and then he just started crying and said he saw the future and that we were gonna die, so I went to the computer and tried to act like keith, you know keith, the super douche smarty pants dude that talks down to us Priests? So yeah I talked to the computer and it told us where we needed to go so that we could not get killed by the crazy spider stuff that was going to go down. They were talking and talking, and alarms were going off and it was just all going crazy, and I was super worried about dying, so I just grabbed everyone and started off down the hallway the computer told us to go down. They threw some dude’s jumpsuit over my legs like a loincloth, and it looked like I was a floating chest with legs running around way below me because it turned my bits all see through.So we sat there hiding for forever because the smart dudes said that us active dudes would just die if we didn’t – even though I was ready to go down in a blaze of glory. I had at least a full minute’s worth of bone-burning I could have done before I was used up, and what is a priest without goin puff, puff, passaway? Nothing, that’s what. so anywho, you’ll never guess what saved us. A whole group of active dudes came in and saved us…. so it wasn’t the smart dudes. It was the active dudes that saved the day, just like it always is. so then the active dudes – the smart dudes called them CosmoKnights, though I thought they all disappeared – sent me back to Avalon, and sent the dudes I was with back to Earth – you know, where the Once and Future King came from. Super cool. anywho, how’re barb and the kids? Have they assimilated their first skeletons?


Turag Reminisces

The picture is of the leader of Stormspire, K’zaa, courtesy of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.



Turag’s Personal Notes

I am missing the place I was born, the place I spent my first 70 years, Stormspire. While I do not regret leaving, for Castle Refuge, and especially my good friends, is full of hope and goodness, Stormspire is so exhilarating! Let me write down my memories of it while they are still fresh, for while I hope to go back and visit my father, it seems that we will be away from that area for quite some time.

There is a huge obsidian tower rising from the center of a ring of industrial buildings, glistening above the ruins of Lexington, Kentucky. This is the Stormspire, home of the leader of the town, K’Zaa. Stormspire is “the Techno-Wizard Capital of the World,” producing over a third of all devices!

It is a beautiful place, full of the greatest Techno Wizards in the world, and their devices are seen everywhere. Power, communication, transit and more all all magically powered, and it is a clean, shining beacon within the dangerous Magic Zone.

All manners of beings are there, human, D-bee, and magic, and most are friendly and welcoming. The one thing that rules all is credits- this is capitalism at its highest level. The latest hit device can make a pauper rich, and the reverse of course is true.

Its flurry of activity is what I miss the most- I hope I get the chance to return soon!


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Note: Some text liberally lifted from Pinnacle’s great Savage Rifts product, Arcana and Mysticism. Pick it up from


Journal 84: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Ley Line crafted Dyson Core of Earth Prime, Imit Veruno

Time of Year: “May 5th”

Luckily I have always been gifted with Languages and I picked up the native tongue of the Saurid/Saurian (bipedal dinosaurs ranging from human height to about twice that) peoples very quickly. Imit Veruno is a weird mix of time epochs because of dimensional portals that have made it here. While a vast majority of the city appears Iron Age, pockets of hi-tech, psionics, and magic have appeared here and their. Those with them quickly rise to power in the case of the “Haves” & “Have Not” situations.

In 12 hours within being away from Turag and inside Imit Veruno we managed to

  • Befriend a guard of the city and a member of a race of ?? Humanoid ?? called Avalonian. Their name is They have no bone structure of their own, but they can mimic musculature of any creature if they have “skeletal” framework to use and adhere to.
  • It’s super gross to watch and it evokes every nightmare I’ve had of watching people die.
  • Barring this they appear to be a decent people from a moral standpoint.
  • Got involved in an Arena match for a large piece of mystical rock called a lodestone. Only to find out the owner of the arena a dragon in disguise practicing necromancy on the winners!
  • We managed to save some Saurinoids (bi-pedal dinosaur like folk) from one of the other teams.
  • We managed to escape the town chasing other Avalonians from the Millenium Tree (Avladrassil – I may have spelled the name wrong).
  • We catch them and then decide to let them have the stone if we can get the small fraction (looked like 10%) of it we needed for Silas and his submarine.
  • We allowed to journey to the tree!
  • My dreams have seemed strange because they don’t seem to be mine. I may be trying to process and cope with feeling as though I am not the master of my fate. However, the idea I might have been a clan leader in a previous incarnation of my soul sounds fun. I may also be dreaming of being award an accolade of some kind, hard to tell.
  • I woke up with a blanket made of a leaf wrapped around me! The tree gave me a gift! I am nobody and I have been pitied by the tree. Still it is a magical gift and I will treasure its kindness.
  • Note: I am not the only Atlantean that has made it here, exciting information to be certain.

More if I live.


Turag Crashes
Lady Luck Runs Out

Lady Luck Runs Out



We are in a place deep in the center of the Earth! How we got here is a very long story that must be related in person, but obviously if you receive this missive I have returned safely.

I had caught up to the rest of the Fenrir Irregulars flying quickly on my wingboard Lennata, and had relayed to the rest of the group that the lodestone which we required to leave was getting away! (Bear with me, the rest of the background I will tell you next time we meet.) Suddenly someone shot at me with a particle beam! Thank goodness he missed! In fact he missed so badly he took out part of the stadium!

Meanwhile the group was trying to get out from the depths of the stadium, and unbeknownst to meat the time, Keegan was carrying a dragon’s head in my sleeping bag!!! The group had killed a dragon necromancer and Keegan did not want it to come back from the dead.

I went outside to wait for my group to join me as long as I could, circling outside, but when the group with the lodestone had reached the other shore and began hitching a dragon to a balloon I had to go follow!

I jetted off, skimming the top of the lake, but miscalculated- Wham! I slammed into the water, hard, severely damaging Lennata! I was slightly hurt, but felt like crying. Somehow I was able to not drown, and pulled Lennata out of the water. Unfortunately the lodestone carriers had taken off! The good news was my good friends had arrived on a strange vehicle powered by a lodestone and cranks. They were joined by a humanoid of Avalonian descent named Tafra Kefke. Thorfrid, Tafka, and Valdus, and myself and Keegan manned the guns. The chase was on! With straining effort our team cranked on, getting closer to the dragon ship! They shot at us, but Valdus had placed armor on our ship and it bounced off the armor. Keegan fired the gun, aiming at the connection between the dragon and the ship. Miraculously he succeeded, and the dragon flew away!

We caught up to them quickly, and Tafra leapt the distance, extending his freakishly long arms to grab onto the edge of the enemy ship to pull himself up. ThorFrid shot the grapple gun to haul the rest of us closer. I shot an entangle beam, surrounding the enemy with grey cables. ThorFrid tried to intimidate them by biting one of their noses, but Keegan reacted first, and ThorFrid bit on Keegan’s wooden practice sword instead. The Avalonian enemy then did something really strange- his skin melted off his face! This freaked me out, giving me a sudden adrenaline surge! I entangled them again, even stronger this time! Tafra hit the face melting one, and said, “Do I need to wash your face off with soap?” Keegan interrogated them, gently, and we found out that we were not necessarily enemies. “These are the good guys?” I asked in surprise. Keegan negotiated a win-win agreement where we could take only a portion of the lodestone.

Meanwhile Valdus had gone off to the corner, and was losing it due to his past, and I tried to heal him with my healing grenade- it did not work. I was concerned because I had run out of magical power, and whispered to Keegan that I was out. He said he also was out, but “I will always give 100%, no matter what!”

After Valdus recovered himself, he found out more about the Avalonians, who are just skin, and had to get bones to become humanoid- they are really are strange! We finally set off again, and the conversation moved to Millennium Trees. We talked of the one in Canada, one in England, rumors of a corrupted one in China, rumors of a sapling in South America, and giant one was here, miraculously, and it was named Avladrassil.

We made camp for the night, and Valdus talked of losing his brother- he was holding his hand, a bomb went off, and all Valdus was left with was his brother’s hand. I told of Stormspire, its beauty and its love, until I had run into K’Zaa, and he had dismissed me with a backhand, ending my love affair with Stormspire. ThorFrid spoke of her desire to fight Titans. Tafra practiced smoke rings, and Keegan said that he loved us.

The next day we finally got back to our original camp, and saw the great Silas again! Silas cuts out a shard of the lodestone, and gives the rest to one of the Avalonians. puts it into the Yellow Ley Line Submarine

silas said it would take 2 weeks to fix the submarine. Silas declined my assistance, calling me “well skilled”, but suggesting that my friends needed me more. I am so proud I could burst!

Keegan did not trust Silas, for he felt that Silas would leave without us. To prove himself Silas took out the compass and gave it to me, proving he had no interest in leaving us behind! Silas is truly amazing.

Keegan asked Silas about the necromancer dragon head that he was still carrying, and Silas roared back about mounting sentient species as a trophy, and how would Keegan like it if he came across a dwarf head. I beg Keegan to get rid of the head, and Silas incinerates the head, including my sleeping bag which held it! Keegan offers my sleeping bag back as a poncho. Valdus from his corner says, “That’s hot.” So inappropriate….

The conversation returns to our Avalonian friends. Jeff, the lead Avalonian, tells that he has borrowed bones to house his skin, but most Avalonians have crafted bones of wood, metal, and other materials.

We finally get to the tree, Avladrassil, and settle in. Under the tree ThorFrid gets a vision of Clark Kent flying over Earth. Keegan gets a vision of a moon contact center in tunnels in his hometown. I was meditating on the purpose of the earth and its connection to me. I felt that the path that I am on is linking myself and my friends to an ancient evil. I ask the Tree if there was a way to defeat the evil, and see dark pools under the earth with a very large floating brain. I realize that this is an overbrain that controls a colony of mind flayers. They are adept at illusions and manipulation. They eat brains of sentient creatures and take their memories, skills, and more. It seems that this overbrain was located near the where we had been in Shreveport before coming to the center of the Earth. It may be that RED, or more specifically Jonah Shrike, is controlled by these entities.

The next day Valdus wakes up wrapped in a leaf- the mystic tells him that he has received a leaf of healing, a truly remarkable gift! We are truly blessed!

I hope to see you soon!


Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the incomparable Marlon Brando.



Turag to the Rescue
The Chase is On!


Personal Notes By Turag

So, I had let the group, my wonderful Fenrir teammates, go on ahead so that I could help my hero, the Great Silas, TechnoWizard extraordinaire, repair the yellow ley-line submarine. It was the only way to get home from this place deep in the center of the Earth!

First I helped him expertly remove the damaged engine, and we did a phenomenal job! We recovered many working parts, and rebuilding it took far less time than expected. We then repaired the unique compass, again a resounding success!

I then asked about the unique crystal key, which he stated was a bypass that was blocking some of the ship’s functionality! So after removing this locking mechanism a three dimensional map of ley lines running through the center of the globe appears as a display! It was an absolute marvel, and I took some time to record it, if only in two dimensions on paper. At this point Silas declared that the only remaining step was to acquire the crystal power source that my friends were sent to find.

I had Silas tell me exactly what he had told them, he handed me a core lodestone tracker to find the lodestone crystal, and the chase was on! Luckily I had the benefit of many ley lines to speed along my wing board, Lennata! Off I sped, using power gradients to boost my speed along the ley lines! Weeeee! What a rush! It took me a mere 2 hours to get to the city of Imit Veruno, where my friends had traveled!

Silas had told me of the denizens of this area, that they were Saurians, intelligent dinosaurs that had survived the extinction event down here. I had made a translator so that I could hear and understand their speech.

One of them made a comment about Lennata, my wingboard, saying that it was the tiniest lodestone lift ever seen. Some commented that I was the smallest brontosoid they had seen in years, and some were cheering me on- I do not know why, but I did thank them- only polite.

I listened for clues to where my friends were, and as I passed through the city I heard about a major contest that outsider Avalonians have joined at the arena dome in the harbor. That had to be them.

As I raced onward I saw some medieval carts along with floating vehicles, and noticed that it was uncommon to see modern weaponry.

Using the last power gradient I sped above the causeway heading towards an opening on the arena’s top where some flying Saurians were entering. Just as I was about to go through the core lodestone tracker pointed towards a boat heading northwest. It seemed that some odd looking humanoids were taking this lodestone. Time to grab the group and go after them!

The chase continues!




Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the great Giorgio Moroder.



Journal 83: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Ley Line crafted Dyson Core of Earth Prime,

Time of Year: “May 3rd”

How might one explain seeing the things I have seen in the last two days. Forgive any errors in word crafting as I’m following my chosen misfits to a town called – Imit Veruno.

A few things of note:

When we landed a yellow craft landed that reminded me of sub aquatic conveyances on Alexandria, not as elegant but similar. It was then I had a vision all the different events that could happen over the next hour! There were Republic of El Dorado troops inside including a Psi-Stalker. Warnings were given by ThorFrid and I was able to push my sight forward in time thanks to the magic tattoo from Velma. I was able to see whom was within and shared that. A third of those events resulted in seeing some of my misfits friends dying, unacceptable. Psychic reinforcement was given to Turag. All of them had a vision of ThorFrid being struck by lightning. I shouted a warning about that to her. I unleashed my fury at the Psi-Stalker, whom I was reliving the stress of watching them kill ThorFrid 17 different ways. They managed to hit her once before being ripped in half by a green glowing mega bolt of psionic energy from me. After my chosen misfits dealt with the rest I spent the time consoling myself that I was saving a friend but that Psi-Stalker in different visions kills nearly all of my friends at least once. I hate the taste of vomit in my mouth. We leave in the vehicle and travel to the center of Earth Prime. Honestly it felt like traveling dimensions so I slept through it all. We arrived at a form of Pangaea formed by the Ley Line crafted Dyson Core holding the magma core of Earth Prime in perfect form to act as a sun of sorts! The biggest Millenium Tree I’ve ever about is off in the distance. We met a famed Techno-Wizard named Silas. They apparently crafted the conveyance we used to get here, so their skill speaks for itself. Off we are sent to Imit Veruno for a supply run. If I survive this I’ll write more. About this internal Dyson Sphere!! About ThorFrid talking to Thor?? I’m tired of killing people


Turag Meets His Hero
The Legendary Silas


Dear Father,

My dreams are becoming reality! I have met the one and only Silas, the greatest Techno-Wizard of all time! He of the Black Flame, creator of countless devices, and perhaps most amazing of all, the man who traveled dimensions to the center of the Earth!

It started with a trip to the location of the pre-apocolypse city of Shreeveport Louisiana, where much had changed. The river that ran through the town had separated the area between jungle on the east and town, or the remnants thereof, on the west. We landed the K-Dog and went in.

What we found was an ambush! However, through our Fenrir group’s skills we quickly gained the upper hand, and took the vehicle which they had gotten the drop on us! It was a fantastic, almost mystical, techno-wizard marvel, a “ley line submarine”, painted bright yellow- A Yellow Submarine! Yes, I remembered the old recording that Silas had sung to you when you were his apprentice, and your story about it- and that vinyl recording he had given you the day he disappeared.

Barely holding back my excitement, I was terribly disappointed to find that somehow I had not bonded with the machine! Instead it was my friend ThorFrid, who claimed that she was talking to the ancient Earth god Thor! She is crazy, but the crystal key that activated the sub only glowed with the image of lightning when she held it.

We arrived at the pre-ordained location, and I will skip to the important part- Silas is here! Yes, he is still obsessive, driven, and single-minded when he is in his creative zone, but you undersold his brilliance! He makes leaps in logic that boggle my mind, yet is not once wrong on analysis! He sees magic energies in a way that I cannot comprehend- not yet. If you get this we succeeded in coming back- and it means I got to study, if only for a moment, or perhaps for years, at the foot of the master! I cannot believe my blessings! The rest of the group is off to solve some mission, something about saving the Earth, but I am choosing to stay here to help Silas get us home and learn more from him!




Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the Beattles.


Journal 82: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Refuge Township,

Time of Year: “May 1st”

Fifth month of the Calendar cycle for this world. Rex finally got me an updated copy and Velma does not seem happy that each month has scantily clad women of various races on it. She never actually said anything, just glared at Rex and then walked off.

Something tells me I may need to focus on mind reading if I am going to survive dating. I have dismantled the calendar in my room and pinned up the remaining seven months of the year. Since the pictures of the girls are on the other side of the pages with the months the issue of the girls should be moot. The months that have already passed I have thrown in the trash for recycling. Carl, our house’s caretaker, is rather impressive in running the day to day of the house. I’ve never had access to a butler and I always feel like I’m mistreating him somehow.

I have started using my Tattoo of Time Sight to go to areas I know Carl has cleaned and rewind the room to see how he cleans things. I will be making a point to try and keep my room the way I see him clean it. Knowing what it’s like to work for others I’ll do my part to lessen that burden on him.

We were making our preparations to leave for Shreeveport because ThorFrid is having visions of Thor talking to her. To be fair she is crazy and this seems like just another way to voice her ideas and desires in a way that meshes with her chosen mythology/paradigm. I remember being on Center for an assignment when a redheaded Thor came into the bar, got pissed drunk and wrecked the place because was venting steam having lost some bet with his brother. The adventure that night was staying out of the drunk powerhouse’s way. When I think about it ThorFrid and Thor have a lot in common. But interdimensional coupled with interstellar communication really doesn’t seem to one of those common things. Oh she’s developed a southern belle accent according to Rex and Turag. She really sounds different!

I have been quiet and distant for a bit trying to process that energy spike I had when I saw Velma outnumbered. In many ways was very reminiscent of how I met her. I did the exact same thing and destroyed anyone trying to harm her. I was trying to acknowledge our present circumstances and called her my girlfriend (it’s the term I have heard on this world to describe a chosen paramour). I don’t think she heard me say it though.

My past is different, on Alexandria we had to steal time away to just deal with the urges that would be unaddressed for months to years. A senior classmate always organized the bacchanals and we would escape and show up. I never really developed any close bonds with those I had pairings with to prevent our teachers from using them in the psychic scenarios we might face.

Velma, to her credit, wouldn’t leave my side and while she never talked about it she just helped where she could. I have been grappling with a fear of having any out burst around my group of chosen misfits. Would I make one of them vanish if they made me angry? I didn’t have enough certainty about the outcome so I made sure I stayed as relaxed but shut off as I thought I could get away with. It’s never fun being a ticking time bomb since I don’t know why these spikes of power keep happening.

More later we’re about to land in Shreeveport soon, and I have to take this off auto pilot to find a spot.


Journal 81: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: In the community of Southaven

Time of Year: Spring-ish Summer is not far, and I don’t remember if it’s March or April at this point.

The last week has been fabulous! I am getting ahead of myself in the sheer joy. It was interesting to simply be the facilitator or pilot watching my group do good deeds. So there was some Cyber-Knights that had gone to scout the missile base, since we were waiting for them to get back we had finished the TW Stealth Cloaks / Ponchos. It was a morning I was feeling happy about because we had spent a few days crafting items and creating things. Even my dreams had started to quiet.

When Rex called us over to the sitting room. In order to inform us that we had an issue and be able to re-capture the lost job we agreed. Purchases were made and soon we were on our way. Since we were not using a Ley Line I had to pilot and provide the energy to make our K-Dog go. I cannot express how happy I was to be of such mundane usefulness! The joy of piloting and skimming the treetops to stay out of the monsoon storms was a joy. Velma sat up there with me but was quiet.

Can you blame her? How do you have a conversation with someone that, when angered, can wave their hand and kill eight people? I tried to just focus on the sheer joy of skimming the horizon. We were heading to go stop a disease outbreak! Helping people! We were on our way to help a lot of people.

We encountered some kind of Monster in Mountain View, Valley, or some such town. The group dealt with it and even found the run away R.E.D. SAMAS pilot in a broken unit without asking me to use my powers. I almost wanted to mention something but it was great to watch them work as a team and made me thrilled to see them function without the NEED of me. These are good peeps even if we’re all a little crazy. ThorFrid would like that. HA!

The blood from the Monster, which is still trapped below Mountain View was useful in creating a supernaturally charged antibody to fight the plague and it was Turag the Triumphant who gets the award. I may have helped a little but only as a second pair of eyes with my skills learned as an actual doctor to help refine the process. But it should be Turag that gets credit for the cure of Southaven. Then the rest of the team figured out the delivery system and we crop dusted the town!

It was great we flew in low and got the infected to follow us via the roar of the engines. It made them perfect targets for the dispersal system! Keegan made sure we lured them out of town following us so as they came to their senses the rest would keep following us and not re-infect anyone else.

We saved the town,

We saved the two surviving R.E.D. soldiers

We got their Mark V and they are coming back to Castle Refuge to join up.

Castle Refuge wants to remove the medical equipment and put it to use for the town at large. The group worked out a deal and I sat most of that out happy to just be a fly on a wall, having killed no one!

Best Mission Yet!


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