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Turag Learns That Evil Treads In Stormspire
Splugorth Slime Pit



I appreciate your letter! I am glad that you have some new friends! I am saddened by the loss of Valdus and Velma- hopefully they have moved on to a happier place!

I have done some quick research for you on that den of iniquity the Splugorth Slime Pit Brothel. Sure enough, it has been reopened, and is again employing Altarans! I will not spoil your day telling you the grotesqueness which I have found occurs, just that it is an evil blight that leadership turns a blind eye to- I am sure it makes plenty of money.

Money still rules in Stormspire! I hope that you and the other Fenrir Irregulars come here soon. Perhaps the most honorable Judge Keegan can close this place down!

Your mother and I are ready to move to Castle Refuge- would you mind bringing us with you on your return?



Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the Poppy Family.


Where Evil Grows




Libram legis di Arbiter Legatus Keegan O'Malley
Entry 120710976: Musing Dump 12/7/109

Members leaving Fenryr active ranks:

Rex Sleezathan:
Pressure points still valid. Asset staying in periphery, assisting monetarily and socially.

Dr. Valdus Aria:
Pressure points status unknown. Functionary status unknown. Asset disappeared, following hitherto unknown powers.

Members entering Fenryr’s active ranks:

Sister Rebecca: (Magic + Psionics?) (New Olympus in ancient Bonneville)
Psychological pressure points: Protector – children, sick, afflicted; Arbiter of Law – holy, ‘gods’.
Physical pressure points: Mechanical – senses altered, robotic? cybernetic?;

Beneficence: (Skill + Psionics) (MarKer Barony in ancient rockies – Baroness)

Psychological pressure points: Naive; Strives for approval & acceptance; Uncontrolled power.
Physical pressure points: Small but Skilled.

Jaz: (Magical training/ability? Combat/Pilot training) (D-Bee Human, ?)
Psychological pressure points: Out-of-place; Unknown – further interactions needed.
Physical pressure points: Skilled pilot, no combat outside of suit witnessed.

zMembers leaving Fenryr active ranks:

Rex Sleezathan:
Pressure points still valid. Asset staying in periphery, assisting monetarily and socially.

Dr. Valdus Aria:
Pressure points status unknown. Functionary status unknown. Asset disappeared, following hitherto unknown powers.

Members entering Fenryr’s active ranks:

Sister Rebecca: (Magic + Psionics?) (New Olympus in ancient Bonneville)
Psychological pressure points: Protector – children, sick, afflicted; Arbiter of Law – holy, ‘gods’.
Physical pressure points: Mechanical – senses altered, robotic? cybernetic?;

Beneficence: (Skill + Psionics) (MarKer Barony in ancient rockies – Baroness)

Psychological pressure points: Naive; Strives for approval & acceptance; Uncontrolled power.
Physical pressure points: Small but Skilled.

Jaz: (Magical training/ability? Combat/Pilot training) (D-Bee Human, ?)
Psychological pressure points: Out-of-place; Unknown – further interactions needed.
Physical pressure points: Skilled pilot, no combat outside of suit witnessed.Members leaving Fenryr active ranks:

Rex Sleezathan:
Pressure points still valid. Asset staying in periphery, assisting monetarily and socially.

Dr. Valdus Aria:
Pressure points status unknown. Functionary status unknown. Asset disappeared, following hitherto unknown powers.

Members entering Fenryr’s active ranks:

Sister Rebecca: (Magic + Psionics?) (New Olympus in ancient Bonneville)
Psychological pressure points: Protector – children, sick, afflicted; Arbiter of Law – holy, ‘gods’.
Physical pressure points: Mechanical – senses altered, robotic? cybernetic?;

Beneficence: (Skill + Psionics) (MarKer Barony in ancient rockies – Baroness)

Psychological pressure points: Naive; Strives for approval & acceptance; Uncontrolled power.
Physical pressure points: Small but Skilled.

Jaz: (Magical training/ability? Combat/Pilot training) (D-Bee Human, ?)
Psychological pressure points: Out-of-place; Unknown – further interactions needed.
Physical pressure points: Skilled pilot, no combat outside of suit witnessed.


New Kid on the Rock: Part 2
Purple Strain

15 July 109 PA

Last Stop, CS Missouri

After transferring to a ground based train at Last Stop at the southern reach of CS Missouri, Benna, Erin and many others including a religious zealotess and her growing flock, completed the last leg of the journey to Castle Refuge.

Upon arriving, Benna was greeted enthusiastically by a tall blond-haired woman with intricate Scandanavian braids woven with beads and plaited ribbons. Benna noted several cylindrical silver rods and domes protruding from the woman’s hair that look to her to be as regal as a queen’s crown.

“Are you the queen of this castle?” Benna asked timidly.

“Greetings, little one. I am ThorFrid Jarlsdotter.” The woman boomed. She was broad shouldered, and fierce looking with heavy eye liner and sharp cheekbones. Yet, her eyes were soft and charming with a childlike quality as she looked curiously at the young psi-stalker somewhat out of place among all of the adventurers and refugees deboarding the train.

“You don’t need to be afraid, child.” The giantess said in a charming southern belle accent. “Whatcha name, sweet pea?”

“I’m Beneficence. My friends call me Benna…at least they used to until…”

Benna never finished her thought about remorsing over lost friends back at Dunpurg and the Marchés of Keranaugh. At that moment ThorFrid’s pupils widened and her eyes became sharp and dangerous. She straightened her back standing fully erect and drew both of her large vibro knives, each the length of Benna’s torso. With one flick, the mighty woman brought the ghastly daggers humming to life looming deathly above the frightened little psi-stalker.


“Yes, it’s my favorite color.” Benna responded somewhat confused noting the iridescent violet highlights on the shoulder pads of her armor that her father had made from a mystic knight’s armor. It was part of the prize her father claimed when he collected the bounty on the guardian turned criminal. The mystic knight was a short dimensional being, and had rather small armor compared to other mystic knight’s.

PURPLE!!!!” The she-beserker roared louder and more savagely. Benna could not comprehend the danger about to erupt from this valkyrian warrior woman.

“Remove that li’l, lass.” A gruff Irish voice came from behind the castles crowd. “A’fore it’s too late!”

PPPPUUURRRPPPLLLEE!!!” The berserker lost it. She lunged at the little young psi-stalker without reservation. Like the jaws of a great frilled dragon her vibro knives came down over Benna. It looked like the girl’s adventures would soon be over before they even started.

Benna now realized the sudden threat. She responded in the only way she knew how.

“NO!” She belted out. The sudden rebellion to submit shocked ThorFrid. The berserker stop her attack immediately, but continued to froth spittle from her mouth in fury.

PURPLE!” Forceful, but waning in threat.

“NO! You can’t hate purple! It’s my favorite color.” Benna rebuked. Unbeknownst to everyone, even Benna, the psi-stalker’s latent psychic ability to alter the mind of others had just expressed itself on ThorFrid.

“Sorry, lass. Me friend means no harm…A sorts.” The stout dwarf finally emerged from the crowd. “Jus’ back ‘way and cover up that purple pieces of pauldron pip-pop ye please. Keegan O’Malley be a helping ye now. At yer service.”

“Purple?” The berserker inquired gleefully totally changing her violent demeanor into something as cuddly as a child’s toy and as sweet as a honeysuckle. “Where? I LOVE the color PURPLE!”

Keegan the dwarf’s jaw nearly dropped to the bottom hem of his kilt. After doing a double take at his giantess companion, he made an aside to one of the courtiers.

“Did someone beat me to the ‘blue-sky’ safe word?” The dwarf asked confusedly. "COME ON! That was supposed to be me thing…knight…saving the moment!

“And when did she start liking purple? Aye, Mary and Joseph! All the saints help us!” He threw is hands up in the air in half hearted frustration.

“You are Mr. Keegan!” Benna expressed with joy forgetting almost immediately the tense moment that had just past. She peeked her head around the broad torso of ThorFrid to get a better look at the dwarf. Truth be told she had never seen a dwarf before. Not many dwarves had stepped through the rifts, and she was excited to meet one.

“Aye, tis me.” Keegan replied cordially.

“My father, Ferghain MacArawyn sent me to find you and give you this letter.” Benna conjured the letter from her messenger bag. The letter had the official baron’s seal of the Marchés of Keranaugh embossed in red wax.

“It’s very official”, she whispered in aside to the dwarf. She handed it over to Keegan. “You are really quite short, not much taller than me, aren’t you.”

“Ye are quite precocious, aren’t YE? But quite adorable, too.” The dwarven cyber knight admitted. He took the letter and opened it. “Me father knew a psi-stalker by the name of Black Mack.”

He read the letter.

“So, Black Mack is now Baron MacArawn. Me father and he had many great adventures. Now ol’ Black Mack has asked for me to watch over his only daughter. Blimey! A knight’s work is never done. Tis it? Ye need not worry, lass, Keegan O’Malley will be at yer service. ‘Cept, ye may want to get rid of all that purple. Whatever enchantment me crazy friend has it can’t last forever.”

PURPLE! Let me count the ways I love thee…” ThorFrid began to ramble. “…ice cream with PURPLE sprinkle topping, robe my curves with purple… SHOPPING! Yes! We need to go shopping! We need MORE purple! You wanna come, little purple girl?”

Benna was elated to find a friend who loved purple as much as she did. Her excitement exploded in a big smile followed by a cheerful giggle only a giddy school-girl could achieve.

“Absolutely, Ms. ThorFrid! I would love that.”

Warily, Keegan followed the two girls to the shops inside the Castle Refuge. ThorFrid led the way towing Benna around excitedly babbling away about her new fancy to the color purple, and all the dresses she needed to buy. Keegan nearly threw up in his mouth hearing of all this monotonous raucous about material things for material girls. But he continued accompanying them.

ThorFrid entered Offworld Outfiters where she saw a stunning strapless cerulean dress in the window on a mannequin decorated with sequins and a ribbon flounce, along with a lacy scarf and boutique hat.

“Hey sugar!” She called to the shop owner who recognized her immediately.

“Yes, Ms. Jarlsdotter?” The owner inquired pleasantly

“Do you have this exact dress in purple?”

The owner, a petite woman with squinty soft eyes and always in a floral scarf, was in a state of speechless horror. She knew of ThorFrid’s disdain and mania for the color purple. Her eyes widened unnaturally behind her horn rimmed glasses.

“Um-um-uh…purple?” The shop keeper asked timidly and confusedly. “Ms. Jarlsdotter are you sure…you want it in… purple? Maybe something else in blue or green. I just got our shipment in of the new fall selection. It is all the rave with the warlock guilds in Tolkeen.”

“Do I have a stutter, child? Or are you just not hearing me correctly?” ThorFrid questioned on the verge of annoyance. “PURPLE! P-U…uh? -rple! I want it now, or I might have to become angry.”

“Yes, yes, Ms. Jarlsdotter.” The woman cowered. She grabbed several articles of clothing and bolts of fabric to fill her arms and scrambled into the back to fulfill the valkyrie’s request despite her better judgment, mumbling on her way. “I clearly do not get paid enough for this…”

Benna, ThorFrid and Keegan could her commotion in the back room. The store keeper was verbally expressing her thoughts out loud to herself about the dilemma. She clearly did not agree with this idea. Several chaffon and lace drapes of fabric were tossed out the doorway to the back room. There was a sudden crashed of shelving.

“I’m okay!” Came a painful, muffled cry from the back room.

She finally returned with a purple dress with ginormous puffy shoulders and bead appliqué flowers on the bodice. Her face was trying to hid her fright.

“How is this one?” She asked with fearful trepidation.

“Purple-rific! What do you think?” ThorFrid asked turning to Benna. “What was your name again?”

“You’re a bit loony. It’s Beneficence, remember? My friends call me Benna.”

“Benna? That won’t do. What else can I call you?”

“Uh…my father and his friends always called me Spitz…will that do?

“Spits? Um. How ’bout I call you Spitfire, ’cause you just a cute little ball full of fire. I like you!”

“Sure thing, Ms. ThorFrid. And that dress looks AMAZING, except it looks a little big for you.”

“You think so, Spitfire?” ThorFrid inquired kindly. “I should try it on.”

With that, ThorFrid threw off her top exposing her bare chest and bouncy breasts. She grabbed the purple gown from the shop keeper.

“Oh my gosh!” Benna shouted embarrassedly. She quickly covered her eyes with both hands. At that moment she broke eye contact with the valkyrian crazy her unknowing control over ThorFrid was lost. ThorFrid stood confused and momentarily dazed with an odious purple dress of terror in her hand.


“What? What happened?” Benna became scared and confused again.

“She’s a Crazy.” Keegan said. “It’s what she does. See those metal rods and domes on her head? They give her exceptional abilities, but make her a wee bit screwy in the ol’ topper. ‘Cept it, bonny lass. Ain’t no changing crazy.”

“It’s like my da’s friend Tik-Tok.” Benna fearfully realized. “He had those metal things too. He was never quite right in the head. Nearly fell off the cliffs at Rebel’s Ridge ’cause he thought he was a dragon. So Ms. ThorFrid is like Tik-Tok?”

“Aye, she is. This is why you need to get rid of all your purple!”

“But, I can’t! I lost my friends and…and… my mum, now my da’ sent me away, and I lost my home. I can’t lose purple, Mr. Keegan, sir. I can’t.”

ThorFrid seized her vibro knife hilts and started to unsheath the blades. Foaming spittle formed at the corners of her mouth. Her body began to convulse with fury.

“Ms. ThorFrid, you’re frightening me. Please miss.” Benna cried. “Look! It is only purple if you are looking at it. ThorFrid, just close your eyes! Yes! Close your eyes! It’ll go away.”

Benna’s psychic control was gone, but she still had her likeable persuasion in her words. ThorFrid froze. Ire was still in her eyes.

Keegan needed to act before ThorFrid’s mania exploded. He whipped off his kilt and threw it over the she-berserker’s head leaving nothing about himself to the imagination.

“Oh my gosh!” Benna covered her eyes again. From behind her tightly joined fingers she said, “I don’t know what’s scarier, ThorFrid swinging her knives around or Mr. Keegan drawing out his sword!”

Keegan unabashed from his new freedom, escorted the two blindfolded girls back to the war council room in the heart of Castle Refuge.

“I’m sorry about your friends and your home…and your mum.” Keegan said thoughtfully forgetting for a moment the awkwardness of his naked half. “Look, lass…”

“I don’t want to.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Now getting embarrassed, but he continued. “What I mean is, lass, I can’t bring back yer friends, but ye can count on us to be yer family. We will always be there for ye now. Ye can bet yer knickers on that.”

“Thank you, Mr. Keegan.” Benna replied still behind tight knit fingers covering her eyes. “That means a lot. I know I’m just nine and a half, but some advice? Maybe you should bet your knickers a lot less.”

“You got yerself a deal, lass!”


New Kid on the Rock: Part 1
Dunpurg, citadel of the Marchés of Keranaugh

11 July 109 PA

“I will hear no more talk about it, daughter.” Baron MacArawyn said stalwartly to his his young daughter. “I have spoken!”

“But Da’!” Complained the young she psy-stalker fiercely staring down her father with her intense aqua green eyes. “I don’t want to go! I’ll have to leave all me friends. I won’t do it.”

“Enough, Benna! I said, I have spoken!”

Tears welled up in the 9 year-old-girl’s eyes, bringing a soft shimmer to the dark ocular insets against her stark pale face characteristic of all psi-stalker. Though most would say Beneficence MacArawyn was way too mild-mannered to ever be a threat, those tear-filled green eyes were her father’s bane.

“Daughter! I-I-I…” the baron, once a great bounty-hunter renown for his ruthlessness, looked about to be beaten.

“No! I have already made arrangements.” He reaffirmed. “Here is the letter. Take it to Castle Refuge to a dwarf named Keegan O’Malley. His father and I were good friends. He will care for you. This will be the beginning of a great journey.”

“Okay, fine Da’.” She conceded.

“You leave for Castle Rock Junction in the morning, Benna. All will be okay.” He could see her jaw start to quiver and she began to sniffle. Benna quickly wiped her tears and turned away from her father so he could not to see her emotions.

“Yes, Father…” her breathing shuddered as she walked dignified back to her room.

The rest of that evening Benna packed her gear just as she learned from her father. She didn’t know why her father was sending her away. He knew she didn’t like the family business. Sure she had an incredible skill at shooting, being able to shoot the wings off of a Glyptonian Dragonfly at 50 paces. But she really didn’t like all that violence. She thought that maybe her father believed this journey would break her of these pacifist behaviors. After all, Rifts Earth was a ruthless place. “It takes a ruthless, near-criminal to survive.” At least that what Baron Fairghen MacArawn always said. Beneficence didn’t believe this. The rifts had torn this is world apart, in more ways than one.

She paused before she placed her two techno-wizard sidearms, Clarent and Dyrnwyn into her pack. Both were named for great swords of peace and goodness in Arthurian legend. She thought about her father’s words. What this world needed most was an opportunity to heal. It needed good people in the world who cared. Benna would show her father this was true—even if it killed her.

Castle Rock was a large growing city thriving from the fallout. It had the biggest open bazaar Benna had ever seen. The market stretched on for several miles. She had overheard someone saying that the shops on the surface were not even half of all the total shops. Well over 70% of the shops were located in the two levels beneath ground level. The deepest shops in the Dark Zone, were way too dangerous for a 9 year-old girl to ever be venturing off to see alone. Benna had no desire to do this, she valued life more than curiosity.

A few necklace and jewelry shops caught Benna’s eye along the way to Junction Station. But they did not have a single thing in her favorite color, purple. Disappointing. She continued without spending the stack of credits her father had given her. She arrived at Castle Rock Junction Station around noon. The station was brim full of people. Many were destitute refugees.

Looking a bit lost and wonder struck from the vast amounts of people, Benna became overwhelmed and confused. Panic began to well up in her. She didn’t know what to do next. A kindly old woman recognized Benna’s plight and fear.

“Hello, young lady.” The woman said with a warm voice. “Are you lost?”

“Yes.” Benna replied. “I’m trying to get to Castle Refuge, but I am all turned around.”

“Well, you’re in luck! My people are heading there, too.” The woman revealed.

“Great!” Benna said in her rich Scottish accent. “I’m Benna, pleased to meet you.”

“You as well. I’m Erin.”

Benna took the woman’s hand and was kindly escorted to the ticket counter. On the way, they talked about the many adventures Erin had gone on, and the many creatures she had seen and saved. Benna was excited to hear all of Erin’s stories.

The boarding platform of the ley-train was constructed of a sleek metal alloy. This allowed it to withstand the constant moving energy oscillating from the ley-line. Docked at the platform was the ley-train. It too was plated with a hyper-shiny alloy not too different from that of a Glitter Boy armor, or as Benna and her father liked to call them, Bonny Boomers. The train had three engines pulling at least a hundred or more freight cars. Each engine had 6 massive sail-like psychokinetic reticulum stretching out on either side as if they were alloy wings. These reticulum harnessed the flow of raw enegy from the ley-line and turned it into kinetic thrust. The train hovered on a repulsor rail that stretched on for miles to the East over the flat plains.

They boarded the train together. Benna felt a bit nauseated standing so close to the ley-line. She felt better being with Erin, though. Benna admired Ms. Erin’s stories of courage and resilience. The girl’s fears about going to a new place and leaving home began to soften. Benna became excited for the adventures she would have.

The rest of the three day train ride on the ley line was pretty uneventful. The last day, Benna was feeling her hunger building. As a psi-stalker, she constantly had to live with a hidden hunger. But not just any hunger. She knew she must feed off the life energy of beings with supernatural abilities or natures. For this reason many wizards and powerful beings feared or disdained psi-stalker like her. Many of her kind were bred and raised by the Coalition States as hunters for their skills and constant thirst. Those no longer part of the Coalition were hunted down themselves, and branded as criminals. Erin understood this about the young psi-stalker girl. She had aided a full family of psi-stalkers several months back to escape the grip of the Coalition in Chi-Town. Erin could see Benna struggling to concentrate due to her hunger rising. Although, Benna could absorb the raw energy exuding all around her emanating from the powerful crackling blue ley line pushing the heavy train forward. Nonetheless, it did not satisfy as much as the living energies she had been fed by her father from his quarries.

“I’m a bit hungry, Ms. Erin, ma’am.” Benna expressed mild-mannerly. “I was wondering if you might have any Junkura worms, or possibly even some malgus squibs. I’ll even settle for a few hummucular tomb grubs.”

Erin smiled at her thoughtfully.

“Ah, child.” Erin empathized. "I am afraid we don’t have any of those here on the train.

“Benna, what you may need is to pull energy off of a stronger being on this train.”

“Goodness, no! Ms. Erin, I could never do that. It just wouldn’t be right. It’s like your story you told me of the kelpie who you found in the fishermen’s nets. You taught it that men would always hate it if it kept dragging their friends down to their deaths. He had to learn to feed on what the sea provided him. You taught him that if he let in to his hate and anger, the sea, his home would be polluted by that anger and vengeance. He learned to give more and take less. You said he became a great warrior in protecting the sea. I want to be like the kelpie in your story, Ms. Erin.”

Erin’s eyes teared up with compassion and admiration for the young psi-stalker. She was moved by the girl’s big heart and care for the life of others.

“I suppose you’re right, my darling. I suppose you’re right.”


The Baron-King of Refuge

Mr. Broker:

I have found a new source of power and connections. Well, it’s new to my practice, if not to the RIFTs worlds at large. As you are most assuredly aware, I have taken to helping rebuild Castle Refuge. Since my powers of deduction and my vast personal fortunes would be wasted if I were to manually rebuild, I took up residence as the Venture Capitalist Baron-King of Castle Refuge, thanks largely to the ally you have bestowed me. We have also expanded, with two Barons over surrounding areas. Principally, I have earned the loyalty of a certain local rival by giving her my holdings in Flowder.

I have opened accounts to be settled by the Council, and that promises to pay richly – even though I am going to magnanimously “waive” accumulated interest in the account, it will pay in prestige and connections, two currencies that too few value, especially in these haphazard days of brutal decadence and frenetic border disputations.

With so many citizens and adventurers still comfortable in the relative peace of Castle Refuge, I have decided to stay to solidify my presence, while my companions travel and try to assert order and peace on the land… It’s so much easier to make a profit in a land like that. I will help them without the fees that I require of other adventuring groups that want edges hitherto unattainable, due to the nature of repayment for jobs completed. How are the novice adventurers supposed to make a living without a guardian angel providing them with goods and equipment necessary to complete their jobs with credit alone at market prices with a minor markup? They can’t. And that’s where I come in.

Also, have you found anything regarding the strange power that Valdus employed?

HRH Rexinald Sleezathan, 1st Baron-King of Castle Refuge


Journal 89: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 15th

Hmm, it’s late and I know Velma said she went to the K-Dog to get some things. However, I don’t think she prepared for how a Mind Link functions. We are engaged and our rings are made from a material the Dwarves call: Heart of the Mountain. Each share a diamond cut from a larger piece. Once we put them on I sensed the Mind Link between us when she mentioned in her mind how frustrating ThorFrid can be. I know she has a way to communicate home and I am sure she’s heard my thoughts and fears of just measuring up to be worthy of her. Now that she’s out of range my parents are going to flip their lid.

I’m going to be married to an Aerhiman clan princess! Rather than feeling elated, I just feel sorry that my parents will be thrust into politics whether or not they wish to be. What’s now to be decided is whether she will join the Aria clan, I join the Aerhiman clan, neither and our children will share a status of both? Personally I would favor the idea of our children benefitting but I still feel this is also getting ahead of ourselves.

Let us recap:

June 2nd we met the A.I. and it confused Rex for a Major Hawke allowing us to learn a significant mount about the United States of America, the historically accurate name for the American Empire. Also, the Dimension the Dwarves Keegan are related to comes from allows them to breed with humans! Their are half dwarf-human hybrids descended from this Major Hawke and the facility will be given over to them to operate.

We fought a ton (Maybe 24’ish) of cyborg Zombies and I stayed in the back strategically helping with psionic bolts. The group did well and Velma carved quite a name. The group donated nearly all the collected cybernetics to the O’Malley Dwarves which were put to use helping those with injuries. I quietly donated a Million credits to help with any costs associated. Keegan’s mother was overjoyed and tried to pair me up again but I “barely” escaped even one dwarf lass was will to be my dedicated mistress. Wow! I am going to have my hands full just trying to take care of Velma, much less a mistress.

There were parties and a lot and sculptures were made of the group, we were given signet rings. It was that gift that sparked the idea of just going for it. I secretly got the rings made and and they were done two days ago. I presented them just a few hours ago and made Velma very happy.

Well now I just have to keep her that happy until we die.

No pressure.

More if I live…



Norlig and Ligno
A Love Story

Since my visit with my father I have been reflecting on both of my parents, and their history together. They have a very sweet love story that I feel I should relate.

Stormspire, as I have described before, is an economic powerhouse driven by technowizardry. While it is filled with races, D-bees and monster races of all sources, the number of Trimadores is less than 200. This, I understand, is the largest gathering of Trimadores on Rifts Earth.

Since Trimadores are born with an innate capacity for working with and repairing machines most are fixers or technowizards. Norlig, my father, is skilled Elemental Fusionist, controlling the elements of air and fire, and Ligno, my mother, is a powerful mind melter! Needless to say, neither fit in with the Trimadore community.

This brings me to how they met.

There were battles with the “Magic KIngdom”, and in Stormspire all citizens, male and female, are required to do their service time. It turned out that they were in the same general training group, but of course with different disciplines they would only be together when the entire outfit gathered. One day the group of psionicists came in late from maneuvers, still with their coats on and dripping water everywhere, and the general angrily ordered them to take their coats off. They all did, barring one.

My father’s female friend went over to chat to them later, and then came back and said triumphantly: ‘Seven o’clock. Saturday night. In the square. You’re going on a date!’ My father, a bit nonplussed, said, ‘OK, but which one did you ask?’

‘The one who didn’t take her coat off, of course,’ she replied.

My father and mother are still non-conformists- I hope I am making them proud.


Author note- I will be adding a video that relates to most logs. This one is from the touching movie, Love Story.


Love Story


Journal 88: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine

Time of Year: May 19th

The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine would take just over a week to wind through the mountain. It was mostly a freight locomotive and in some sections close to Castle Rock it had similar TW Ironhorse train options to hover. However, that didn’t last long before we set down on physical rail tracks. I started thinking about all the different rail and tram systems I have been on. All of them had differences but many more similarities existed betwixt the lot. Now I am not completely up on the terminology but since this was the old American Empire the Barony of Castle Rock existed within the Kingdom of Colorado. One of the sites left by the last wars that many people believe summon the magic and Rifts back to this world via the death sacrifice of millions was the former capital of the Kingdom of Colorado – the Denver crater.

Rex was nice enough to have their pet fly up and get a picture of the crater. Then we used the small printer stashed within the communication dashboard to produce this picture I have affixed here. I don’t have most of my journals from Copernicus-5 here. They are back in what would be easiest to call the Museum of Atlantean History on Alexandria. This picture in my mind encapsulates war, and what I feel most of the time in my heart.


I … more later, I can’t write now …

Location: The Golden Spike Rail line heading to Alpine

Time of Year: May 27th

The train made a brief stop in what used to be called the Barony of Reno in the old Kingdom of Nevada. It has been renamed or rebranded as New Las Vegas and is mostly inhabited by golden, four-armed bird/avain humanoids of remarkable grace and kindness calling their species, Lyn-Srial. I am so happy I visited this town for the 12 hour stop to unload deliveries and load up cargo for the last leg to Alpine in the old Kingdom of California.

I would have called it the city of Glittering Towers! I know next to nothing about the Lyn-Srial, other than how inclusive a society they are. Even my heart was put at ease, because I am far more use to kindness as an interrogation tactic than a true feeling. One might think seeing one of these creatures smile would be off putting. However, the golden feathers, deep amber to dark molten gold eyes, and the muscle that control their beaks breaking into a grin was almost infectious! Their buildings in New Las Vegas were mostly the reclaimed towers of ancient Reno. But as the sun hit them and the Lyn-Srial fluttered from tower to tower they all glittered gold! I found myself wanting to stay and learn to paint so I could share this with the world at large.

I saw ThorFrid and Velma getting onto the cargo car with the K-Dog as the sun was in its beginning stages of dusk. Light refracting off mirrored tower walls and flying Lyn-Srial. Two Valkyries to be certain, Turag was moving from the cargo car to the passenger with their gracefully slow, deliberate motion. They reminded me of a statue carved in the likeness of a great philosopher, only the statue could move. Rex and Keegan reminded me my friends before I was drafted for this genetic aberration many call psychic abilities. This is the only place on the surface of the planet I found a measure of peace. That moment was only a few seconds but for me…

…For me that moment hung as dew refusing to fall from a blade of grass. These people I am grouped with are amazing in their own way, and I hung on to that moment because while there I couldn’t remember all the ways I saw them die in the various futures! New Las Vegas was an amazing place that stilled my heart and reminded me that hope is not gone from this world.

Location: Whistle stop near Keegan’s home town by Lake Alpine where we’re let off at.

Time of Year: May 29th

The drive from the whistle stop depot at Lake Alpine to Alpine proper was short and most of the town in classic Dwarf fashion burrows into the mountainside. A marvel of engineering, the city is bored out in a gravity corkscrew down into giant underground cavern that scatters light via huge crystals. We had to leave the K-Dog up top and took rail cars that miners might use to make the final trek. Oh that railcar ride was GREAATTT!!! It reminded me of water park rock slides back on Alexandria, made by the stone mages to coincide with the natural surroundings. Pecharius Peak had the best slides ever, with one being 73 Earth Prime feet long before sending you off and into the air with another 12 foot drop into a crystal blue pool of water!

That reminds me I have to tell Turag about the Global Wingboard Championship back home! Imagine a 10,000 mile marathon races using the ley line network and rifts created for the event! Winner gets a custom wingboard made for them by the top techno-wizard, stone mages, and Alchemist! Plus they get two tattoos or equivalent if they can’t bear them! Alas I digress and probably forgot to mention rides make me an adrenaline junkie like ThorFrid needing action.

I did not realize how big a family Keegan had. His grandparents are the leaders of the O’Malley Clan and he is one of 213 Grandkids! He’s also and uncle to some 64 Great Grandkids! Then the introductions began as his mother took the opportunity to get Keegan married at their summer festival! The girls began to be introduced to him even before family and the Fenrir Irregulars were given introductions!

There was:

Douvrael Pebblegranite Belgrerlun Noblebelt Khuzmic Minehide Gretchin Blazingflayer – heard she was an amazing chef. Silkdreath Grumblesunder – jeweler by trade Gloridmaiden & Thirdroug Drakebasher – twin sisters and dragon hunters Logruth Broadbuckle Gingrear Dragonbender – I heard her sing and got punched by Velma for mentioning I could listen to her sing forever. HA! Lundrar Underbrow – Oh my she was hot! Rudrurn Drunkhammer – A smith by trade but I think she’s more interested in ThorFrid.

Then there were some of the closer family of the O’Malley Clan:

Lonlir Kic Nar Glod Merlum Glorifeam Kotid Dalgroir Skostaek Mabronlim Mopi

I would love to tell you I could keep up but wow, just wow! This was but a handful of those present when we arrived.

We get shown to rooms…

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: May 30th

The rooms provided for us were warm, but the kinda warm you’d feel from hot coco in front of a roaring fire. When the winter’s harvest festival is playing, and if you’re lucky you’re snuggled up to someone that fancies you. I woke up to a back rub and while seeing one of Velma’s hands come into view over my shoulder it could have been Rex or Turag, and I still would be happy. Breakfast was plentiful, one of the cousins was playing music that was easy to listen to but made me tap my toes!

I met Keegan’s mother and became embroiled in her plot(s) to marry Keegan off to one of the many lasses (ha! picking up Dwarfish slang already) trying to hitch their rail cart to his. While our plans backfired at trying to catch Keegan in a compromising position with one of the lasses We caught Alan Mac’Adaile, one of his childhood friends. The remainder of the day became a celebration of song, dance, libations, and good, nay GREAT CHEER! The O’Malley Clan could give some of the parties I’ve attended on Center or anywhere in the Three Galaxies a run for their money! It was amazing and I got so drunk, so I kinda remember Keegan trying to get me hitched and the Dwarf lass was way hot but I think Velma spooked her. HAHA! Keegan is great, Turag and Rex are around her somewhere. ThorFrid got caught up with three lasses and by the maker’s hammer were they and their parents blushing red!

As I was heading to bed I saw Velma out of her armor in some clothes she had been able to acquire. Oh my were they designed to let the heat not build up, or umm, revealing. Which is standard Atlantean style because of our tattoos. They were showing plenty of skin showcasing her tattoos and I lost my marbles because I went up and smacked her butt then gave her a compliment in slurred Atlantean. I drunkenly shuffled off, making it to my room. Only to hear the door slam shut behind me, and I turned around in just enough time to hear her say, “Your mine!”

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 1st

The mining has made Keegan’s family very rich since he was a boy. I awoke to Velma and I naked in bed. I really wish I could remember what happened the night before but alas, nothing. So I activated my tattoo to see into the past of the room and stopped watching as my face became super red. You’ll have to use your imagination but Velma is very limber, more so than I was aware of.

Today there was to be a total of 43 weddings amongst all the Dwarves gathered. Seeing how I was reacting so warmly to the joy in the air. Velma mentioned that if we stopped by the Aerhiman clan holdings in what was the South American Empire we could get married as well. My reaction was not what she expected I supposed. I mentioned that I couldn’t possibly provide her with the life a Princess of our people needed. The fact she had joined me after helping me escape the compound when they wanted to get the secret of slaying a Splugorth Slaver with a single, lucky, shot. Now, I am sure she has sent them messages about my vampire slaying with a single swipe of my sword.

Velma stunned me by saying this was the best life for her. Without these powers I am nothing, just a commoner, everyone around me is so much more talented or skilled than I am. I’m a genetic freak with a predisposition to natural predator tendencies. I don’t deserve my companions and I damn sure don’t deserve her. However, if she wants me that bad I won’t stop it. It would make my parents happy and I could certainly never do any better than Velma.

I’ll write more if I can stop obsessing over the idea of my worth to her…

Location: Alpine – home of the O’Malley Dwarf Clan

Time of Year: June 2nd of June

Today we headed out for the work part of our trip out here. The ancient Howard Military Ammo Dump may hold more than ammo at Duck Lake near a spot called, Inspiration Point. We used Turag’s Invisibility cloaks to sneak in. Rex has a technical glitch and some of his cyber-gear act up. After some fine tuning, smoke-billowing, and such they turned invisible!

The members of Fenrir’s Irregulars did some amazing work dealing with the 21 “Earth Prime” foot long hatch. A tunnel with automated gun defenses. Then we made it to the control room only to find 4 skeletons and notes about something called the Artemis Net. Apparently it is in local interdiction and all Earth Access is denied. Once Rex bypassed its defenses hacking it, a lonely Artificial Intelligence perked up in a seemingly friendly way to Rex saying, “Oh it’s you! I have been waiting for you.”

More if we live.


Journal 87: Dr. Valdus Aria
Year 109 P.A. (Post Apocalypse) - Earth Prime

Location: Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train heading out west from Castle Refuge to the Colorado Baronies

Time of Year: “Not long after the Ides of May”

Velma woke me up saying the gang needed me in another car. Something else must have been bothering her as we gave up our seats and moved to the car the group had told her about. I still don’t know why she defers to me because of the two of us she is the far more capable combatant. When we arrived she stepped aside to allow me to go in first.

When I saw the female they had restrained I went through what every Atlantean child goes through when they see the beings released by the ancient sorceress, Pandora.


I had never met one until this day but the reaction was visceral on a level I had never felt before. Pandora’s pride, curiosity, and these fouls creatures from the nether reaches of space and time are the reason a Splugorth controls Atlantis! For over ten thousand years our race has hung its head in shame over her hubris. My family and clan regulated to outcasts over the ensuing years to make sure no mage or psychic could ever re-use the Song of Creation. Soon, people forgot how Pandora did it, later they “mostly” forgot she was an Aria like myself. But they made sure history of this world never forgot her. Our name means “Song” but so many of our clan refuse to sing for fear of an elder remembering our ancient member. Most don’t even believe the stories anymore, and I for one may have my doubts but nevertheless I don’t try and sing, out loud anyway.

I have finally contributed to purging one of the scourge of countless atrocities, I have slain my first vampire. I could wax on about that moment and how I did it, but any Atlantean reading would know when I said “Marks of Heritage” and need nothing else. It was a single swing followed by it burning in green flame and staining the floor. Velma looked surprised it took a single swing, and then she cocked her head to side, smirked and simply mouthed to me, “Lucky Shot.” Her approving smile made me feel all out of sorts.

I looked at my friends asking why they didn’t tell me about the vampire, and I was informed that A) they didn’t know and B) then the whole story about the train heist of Dragon Blood. They were lucky they had Keegan’s manacles upon the creature but what had us all perplexed was the creature walking around during the day! Dark magicks are afoot allowing such things. We managed to foil the heist, but truth be told it was the rest of the team that did the heavy lifting. I just enhanced my teammates alongside Turag. Well the train staff loved what we did to protect the train especially after traveling through a section of the plains ruled over by various Dragons. We spent the rest of the trip to the Colorado Barony of Castle Rock in first class! Cars that are 50% wider with no expense spared on using natural elements in their construction. Gold and silver filigree, 15 foot tall roof, woodwork done by hand which used wooden sculpture to hide the joins. It certainly is a match for any Atlantean artist after their apprenticeship. Given the lifespan differences that’s a sincere compliment!

This world is still finding its identity after the resurgence of Ley Lines. I remember reading about the history of Alexandria before the Pyramid network was in place. Raging ley line storms and rift tears were commonplace to say the least. Once the clans finish securing South America we should try helping the the wild west resist the Coalition States and Republic of El Dorado. It may take a century but we’ll rid the world of the Splugorth and Vampires.

Also, with first class comes the barcar! I had a lovely spiked drink called the “Mountain Reaper” (ghost peppers, coffee, and vodka). Turag might be captain slow, but letting people think he doesn’t or won’t drink is a misnomer. He took a violent drink with actual poison in it called the “Basilisk’s Heart!” Funny story it would seem these specific poisons don’t affect Trimadore though his speech did slur. Folks you listen to a slow talking Trimadore trying to tell a joke while slurring its speech and that is comedy gold all on its own!

Many of the rest had Rock Mead, except for ThorFrid. She went after another concoction called the “Brown Dwarf.” It was a shot of Basilisk’s Heart dunked into a mug of coffee. She did not die, but got so drunk she passed out. Keegan, Rex, and myself help take ThorFrid back and put her to bed.

More’sih Later’ish and yessh this is me ending this doing drunk writing. . . . ::hiccup::

Location: Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train heading out west from Castle Refuge to the Colorado Baronies in First Class

Time of Year: “May 16th’ish”

When I came to I was informed that an adult (perhaps elder) dragon had shapeshifted and lured ThorFrid onto the top of the train. The gamble before anyone knew about the true nature of the instigator was to pose as though you were using your body to surf the air currents. Since we were traveling through the part of the American Empire called the plains or “Dragon Country.” Finding one wanting to mess with the “lesser creatures” traversing their claimed domain. Not a big surprise, ThorFrid was the perfect candidate. However people often underestimate Fenrir’s Chrome Domed Valkyrie. Even when the wind whipped her off the train she grabbed her vibro dagger and jammed it into the side of the train!

As the luck of Loki would have it, yes that smarmy ass is quite the ladies man, or man’s man depending on their mood. One year in Center on Phase World is more that I ever want to deal with again. I use to think the Splugorth and the Naruni were the worst but I was wrong. The so called “Gods” are just beings that come very close to approaching them in power and good grief they are so much worse when they let loose to unwind. I can’t tell who the bigger manwhore is: Thor or Loki, and given Loki’s shapechange powers I think Thor may have banged his “adoptive” brother at least once or twice. Weirdos.

Back to the Chrome Domed Valkyrie, well, Keegan was in the area/room. It was all given to me second or even third hand (I’ll explain). So my details may be off. Upon seeing his teammate he grabbed his repelling gear! This guy carries so much crap on him in pouches he’d be naked at a dinner party! He secures himself and barrels out the window of the train. Saves ThorFrid, and pulls her back end. Now depending upon whom overheard them he confesses his love to ThorFrid! Can’t confirm that but I totally ship it! Everyone around them applauds when they get back inside.

Location: The Colorado Barony of Castle Rock

Time of Year: May 18th

The Colorado Barony of Castle Rock has a rough population of 700,000 sentients. While mostly Humans at nearly 60% with 150,000 to 200,000 making up permanent residents. The excessive transient population is due to the Techno-Wizard Ironhorse Train route making this location a major hub for the western portion of the ancient American Empire. There are two markets because of the numbers of D-Bees with specific dietary requirements. All vegetation is sold in one market and all sentient life to be used or processed as food is sold in the second market. There are some jobs that would be hard for me to do but to move from a large bovine named Janice in one stall and make sure it is humanely slaughtered. To move next to a human named Janice in the next stall and make sure they are humanely slaughtered would take a special person and I am happy its not me.

Now the two markets have clever names: Sunnyside Up & Dark Side of the Moon. It doesn’t take a genius to know which one is the market known for selling sentient processed food options. Not long into going into the old town buried beneath the current Castle Rock we enetered what is collectively called “The Court of Fools” which holds the Dark Side of the Moon market within its boundaries. We ran across the Dragon that toyed with ThorFird. A Royal Frilled Dragon known by the locals as the “Moon King’s Lackey” of all things. Apparently, like the Shadow Broker in the east with Castle Refuge. The Moon King was the head in the west for the black market, or at least a sizable faction of it.

A couple women mention that they couldn’t believe we got the better of the Moon King’s Lackey. Which begs the question of what sort of being keeps an adult/elder(??) dragon as their lackey? We decline the offer and with some timely advice from a contact Rex knows. A fellow going by the name “Handsome Jack.” We actually retreat to the K-Dog and wait for the next train to leave tomorrow for Alpine that we had transferred to.

On the way back to the K-Dog we did stop at a bookstore where Turag was able to find a book about lost CosmoKnights with a subtitle suggesting its contents: Fallen Heroes or Mysterious Strangers. Turag and the group were haggling over prices when I noticed a book written in Ancient Atlantean! An illuminated first edition of the lineage of the Aerhiman clan! I quickly said if this book was tossed in I would pay no more questions asked. The shop keep was happy and I handed over my cred-stick for the 50,000 credit price tag. I waited til we got back to the K-Dog to give it to Velma. When she realized what exactly it was and how rare, nearly unique a find. She carefully put it away and then tackled me with hugs and kisses. I smiled but playfully reached my hand out gasping, “Run for it everyone! I’ll hold her off as long as I can!” There were a few chuckles as I was left to my glorious fate.

More if I survive! HAHAAHAHA!!!



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